'This Is Us' Fans Split on Randall Confronting Rebecca After Jack's Death

This Is Us showed a glimpse at life after Jack Pearson's death during Tuesday's all-new episode, leaving fans debating about teen Randall's behavior.

After finding out that he had gotten into Howard University, teen Randall found himself concerned about his mother and his siblings, who seemed to be going down dark paths following Jack's death.

As Rebecca and the three teens toured a new home — presumably soon after their house burned down and Jack passed away — Rebecca was noticeably absent from her children's lives, focused more on her grief and even hearing her husband's voice in her head.

Kate announced she had not submitted her second interview tape for her Berkeley admission and she had been eating uncontrollably. As for Kevin, he had started drinking, and was drunk during the tour.

"Where are you right now?" teen Randall asks his mother, as she seems distracted while they tour a new house.

"Have you noticed Kate's eating?" He asks his mom.

"Randall..." she responds.

"Or Kevin's drunk half the time. But you don't seem to care," he continues.

"I do care. I'm doing the very best that I can. They're both grieving, what would you like me to do?" she says.

"I don't know. But anything, I mean, you lied. You said that you'd take care of everything, you said that you'd step up and make sure... but you lied," he said.

Rebecca refused to engage with her son's comments and walked away.

Fans of the series were split on Randall's actions, as well as how in contrast, present-day Rebecca was getting too involved in Kate's desire to get fertility treatment.

"Kinda upset with teenage Randall. Rebecca is grieving too. She's trying teenage Randall!! Everybody's hurting..." one user said.

"Me when Teenage Randall tells Rebecca she lied when she said she would step up when you know she is the most broken a person could be and in the most horrific of circumstances," another user wrote adding a photo of a sad baby.

"I feel so bad for Rebecca 😭 upon her husband dying Kevin is drinking, Kate is over eating and Randall's going to college. She hasn't had the time to grieve," a third user wrote.

Later in the episode, Randall apologizes, but Rebecca tells him that she is struggling to get out of bed in the morning.


"I know that isn't fair to you guys but I can't seem to stop it," Rebecca tells her son of her grief.

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.