'This Is Us': Does Kate Die in Tonight's Episode?

Could Kate Pearson's be numbered on This Is Us?

Last time we saw Kate (Chrissy Metz), the mom-to-be celebrated her college graduation while also dealing with her twin brother Kevin's (Justin Hartley) relapse. The episode ended on a startling note after her water broke with her pregnancy only at 26 weeks.

The episode ended with Randall (Sterling K. Brown) arriving at the hospital in Los Angeles to be there for his sister, as plans for a surgery to prevent her from delivering her baby were underway.

Tuesday's episode, titled "The Waiting Room," is set to take place entirely as the family awaits news about Kate's procedure, with many of the family's lingering drama being addressed within the group.

But while the Pearson clan deal with their lingering issues, will Kate lose her life fighting for her child's survival? Probably not.

Metz previously teased Kate and Toby (Chris Sullivan) would be dealing with an unexpected parenting situation with the birth of their son, as Kate's pregnancy has been a big storyline for Season 3.

"Toby and Kate are going to have a bit of an unconventional parenting situation," she told Entertainment Weekly in November. "Not unconventional in that people aren't doing it, but not what I think either of them ever had in mind."

"It's going to be challenging for me as an actress, which I'm excited about — scared but excited," she said at the time. "It's something I don't think we've ever seen, at least not on network television."

This Is Us executive producer also teased the revolutionary storyline, claiming it's an important storyline for the series moving forward.

"We're going to see very specific struggles that these two have to face, and it's not necessarily something that we've seen up close before," she explained. "But nothing about Kate and Toby's journey thus far has been pretty conventional, and it's going to continue to be something that they have to navigate very carefully. We're excited to share their journey. It's a really specific one that we've been plotting out very carefully."

Kate's fate may not be all sunshine and roses, however, as the series has previously hinted at a tragic fate for the character in the show's future storyline.

In a flash forward during the Season 3 premiere, Randall calls an older Toby and asks him if he will be visiting the woman, later revealed to be Rebecca. Toby seems unsure if he should make an appearance, but Randall tells him that she would like to see him. Toby reluctantly agrees.

Before the end of the sequence, Toby is seen lying in bed alone, with the other side of the bed untouched, seemingly insinuating that Kate might have died by that point. The show's flash forward moments continue to be a big mystery, which producers say tie to the eventual series finale.


Will Kate survive the episode? This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.