'This Is Us' Creator Dan Fogelman Teases 'Ambitious and Unusual' Season 4 Premiere

Just ahead of This Is Us’ Season 4 premiere later this month, series creator Dan Fogelman is dropping more hints on what’s in store for fans’ favorite characters in the upcoming season. Set to premiere Tuesday, Sept. 24 on NBC, Fogelman told TVLine that the Season 4 premiere is “ambitious and unusual” and unlike anything that fans are expecting.

“I’m quite proud of our team for what they’ve pulled off, but also curious to see the response and reaction from our audience,” he told the outlet. “I trust our fans to trust us, and to enjoy the challenge of a very ambitious and unusual first episode back.”

The season, set to pick up after the events of Season 3, will see a number of couples encountering “complex and sophisticated” problems, according to Fogelman.

Just returned from Vietnam, Jack will be faced with the prospect of being introduced to girlfriend Rebecca’s parents.

“Jack is being brought into the fold of Rebecca’s family, a blue collar kid entering a world where people drink white wine at noon in country clubs,” Fogelman said, adding that Rebecca will be facing her own worries as she “is unsure where her career in music is going.”

Meanwhile, present-day Randall and Beth will face their own struggles as they raise their maturing daughters in their new Philadelphia neighborhood.

In the weeks and months leading up to the season premiere, NBC has slowly begun to tease the upcoming season, which will mark the beginning of the series’ latest three-season pickup order, which will take This Is Us all the way to its possible sixth and final season.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly in May, Fogelman teased that Season 4 will mean a "restart" for every character, as the show hinted at many surprises coming in future episodes.

“Restarts for everybody. And midpoints. I think it's going to be very ambitious and sprawling in terms of how it plays with time," Fogelman explained. "Many of our characters are in the middle of their stories, and that’s a point where characters are opening up to new things and new things are starting. That becomes a very exciting period for almost all of the characters, and for some of them, maybe a very scary period in terms of how fraught their storylines are."


Fogelman added that the new season will “feel in some ways almost like a version of Season 1 in the middle of our series, in that we’re starting these new stories after we’ve told a lot of the stories in full for the past three seasons.”

This Is Us Season 4 premieres Tuesday, Sept. 24 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.