'This Is Us': Beth Reaches a Breaking Point

This Is Us fan-favorite Beth Pearson is not doing so well with her new unemployed status.A few [...]

This Is Us fan-favorite Beth Pearson is not doing so well with her new unemployed status.

A few weeks since she was brutally laid off from her job, Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) was seen struggling with having "nothing going on" as she helped her daughters set up a location to see girl scout cookies.

When the first location Beth takes them to is already occupied by another family, she takes them to a less crowded shopping center, which does not make the girls happy.

"Nobody's here," Annie says.

"Of course not. Almost all of these stores are out of business," Tess says.

A customer comes and tries to buy four boxes from the girls but only has a credit card to use, and when Beth says she forgot the swiper so they can only take cash, things escalate.

"You didn't bring the swiper?" Tess asks.

"What is the swiper," Beth snaps, getting frustrated with her daughter's attitude.

"The little thing you put on your phone to swipe credit cards," Deja adds.

"Everyone knows you need a swiper," Tess says, as the man says he's not carrying any cash.

"You know what? You can just give us your credit card number and we'll write it down in a piece of paper and tear it up right after we run it," she suggests, which he's not comfortable with and walks away.

Annie and Tess start talking about their frustrations with their mother and how other groups are doing better than them, as Beth says she's doing the best she can. Tess gives her attitude, making things worse and ending with Beth telling Tess to shut up.

Later, Deja talks to Beth and says she can relate to what she's going through as her biological mom lost a lot of jobs in the past.

"I am sorry about earlier, but you really don't have to worry about me," Beth says.

Deja says that Beth is an exceptional person, and if she's feeling down right now she should talk to Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and he will make everything feel better. Annie and Tess come into the room and Beth apologizes.

At the end of the episode, Randall arrives home with good news about his campaign, but she sits him down to tell him what's going on with her.

"I got fired... for the past few weeks I've been pretending that I'm fine, but I'm not babe," Beth says.

"O.K., I'm really sorry," Randall says. She admits she didn't want to hear him praise her but she doesn't feel that way because all of the jobs she's been applying her have ignored her.

Randall's solution is to hire for the campaign. "You are my missing ingredient baby."

"Let's win you an election," Beth says.

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