'This Is Us' Actor Lonnie Chavis Calls out Trolls for Making Fun of Tooth Gap

This Is Us cast member Lonnie Chavis, who helps America get in touch with their emotions as a [...]

This Is Us cast member Lonnie Chavis, who helps America get in touch with their emotions as a young Randall Pearson on the NBC series, responded to his online bullies with a message of hope.

The actor, who also played a series regular role on short-lived Showtime series White Famous, posted a video on Instagram to slam the "trolls" who made fun of the gap in his teeth.

"To all the trolls who have been trolling in my comments, talking about my gap, I could get my gap fixed. Braces can fix this, but like, can you fix your heart, though?" Chavis, 10, asked in the video.

The young actor pointed out that online bullying can lead to serious consequences.

"There are kids out there killing themselves just because of y'all hating and trolling and doing just crazy stuff. I mean, it's stupid," he said. "Is it fun? No. It hurts people. People kill themselves, and you're the one who's making them do it. Fix your heart, though. For real."

Chavis added that he is able to move past the rude comments, as first reported by PEOPLE, but not everyone can.

"I'm happy that I can handle this. I can handle this. I'm not tripping," he said. "But there are kids out here — if y'all kids are watching this, don't trip. Be who you want to be. Do what you want to do. Do you. Be you. Believe in yourself."

Fans of the young actor flooded the post with supportive messages, agreeing with Chavis' words.

"Kids like you are what's going to help make this generation better [heart emoji] so well spoken from a young beautiful soul [heart emoji]. I adore you thank you so much for sharing this amazing message," one user wrote.

"You are definitely the chosen one of the Young generation! Keep inspiring the world [Lonnie Chavis]!" another user commented

"Thank you for posting this young sir. It's a powerful thing. Keep being a role model and example. You just saved countless lives by being selfless and fearless," another one shared.

The post also got the attention of Good Morning America host Michael Strahan — who also shares a prominent tooth gap — reposted the video on Twitter.

"[Lonnie Chavis] you are an inspiration my man! You make me proud to rock my gap and your message is exactly on point. Embrace your uniqueness and live your life with happiness! No one is perfect and who really wants to be. [role model]," Strahan, 46, wrote.

Chavis will next be seen on the third season of This Is Us, which is set to premiere Tuesday, Sept. 25 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.