'The Young and the Restless': Here's Where You Can Watch Every Episode

The Young and the Restless fans will be excited to learn that there is a place where you can watch every episode of the soap opera series.

While a handful of episodes from the current season are available to stream on CBS.com, subscribers of the CBS All Access service can unlock every episode of Season 46.

The season premiere debuted in September 2018, and this week the series is honoring fallen star Kristoff St. John, who passed away in February.

This week the show revealed that St. John's character Neil Winters passed away of a stroke, and his family is currently in mourning.

Ahead of the emotional episodes, The Young and the Restless head writer Josh Griffith told USA Today that fans needed to "to prepare themselves for a very profoundly emotional journey over those four days, and have lots of boxes of Kleenex right by."

"But in the end, as we knew that Kristoff would want it, it goes from being a passing of him to a celebration of his life," he added.

As part of the storyline, former The Young and the Restless star Shemar Moore is returning to pay tribute to St. John's character. Moore played Malcolm Winters — the younger brother of St. John's Neil — on the soap opera for a number of years, before going on to other projects.

Following St. John's passing, Moore took to social media to mourn the death of his on-screen brother and real-life friend, saying, "I lost my brother yesterday. I've never had a brother, but you were my brother."

"You showed me the way. You were my mentor, my inspiration. You showed me what true talent was. You showed me what humility was," he continued. "I love you. I hate this. I love you, but I'm going to celebrate all your good."

In a caption on the post, Moore added, "Mr KRISTOFF ST JOHN..... There is no ME without YOU!!!!! You are MY BROTHER!!! I LOVE YOU!!! Sleep my dude.... REST IN PEACE... I'll finish what YOU started!!! THANK YOU for YOUR HEART and TALENT."


Moore's two-episode return to The Young and the Restless air Thursday, April 25 and Friday, April 26.