Did 'The White Lotus' Season 3 Locale Just Get Spoiled by Johnny Knoxville?

The location for The White Lotus Season 3 may have been spoiled by an unexpected actor. Jackass star Johnny Knoxville, who has not been in either of the first two seasons of Mike White's satirical dramedy series, hinted that the next locale might be Tokyo. White, who created and wrote the series, is close friends with Knoxville.

In an interview with Vulture, Knoxville was asked if he would consider continuing acting regularly after his Hulu sitcom Reboot was quickly canceled. "I don't tend to think in those terms," Knoxville replied. "My first inclination is to focus on film. I love acting and producing films and making documentaries. If a good television show comes along, of course, I'll pay attention, because television is so good now. I'd be foolish not to pay attention."

When Vulture asked Knoxville to promise he would consider starring in The White Lotus Season 3, it seems like he couldn't say "yes" fast enough. Maybe too fast. "Are you kidding? Mike White is a very close friend of mine," Knoxville said. "He and I had been in Tokyo together. I think that's where the next... oh, I'm not giving anything away. I might call him again as soon as this is over."

Knoxville recently returned to acting for Reboot, a comedy created by Steven Levitan (Modern Family) about the cast of a fictional 2000s sitcom reuniting for a reboot of their show. Knoxville, Judy Greer, Keegan-Michael Key, and Calum Worthy played the actors, while Rachel Bloom played an indie film writer hired by Hulu to write the revival. After just one season, Hulu canceled the show in January. Earlier this month, Levitan said the show was officially dead because he couldn't find a new home for it.

Knoxville said he is aware of at least two completed scripts for unproduced episodes, but it would be too painful for him to read them. "We're disappointed that it was canceled, but I'm also not tone-deaf. People have real problems in this world," he told Vulture. "An actor's show getting canceled isn't the end of the world. That said, we did love it, and were hopeful it was going to go on."

The first season of The White Lotus was set at a resort in Hawaii, while Season 2 was set in Sicily, Italy. The show won Outstanding Limited or Anthology Series for Season 1, while White won for writing and directing. Murray Bartlett and Jennifer Coolidge also picked up Emmys for their performances. All episodes of the series are streaming on HBO Max.