'The Walking Dead' Star Josh McDermitt Reveals What He Will Miss Most About Playing Eugene (Exclusive)

The Walking Dead comes to an end on Sunday (Nov. 20) with the highly anticipated series finale. And one of the veteran cast members of the AMC series is going to miss playing a very popular character. PopCulture.com attended a roundtable junket with some of The Walking Dead cast members and asked Josh McDermitt about what he's going to miss the most about playing Eugene Porter. 

"The fact that he hasn't been a stagnant character," McDermitt said during the roundtable interview. "I think every time you jump onto another production and you're playing a new character, you fall in love with that character and you hope that the writers change the person a lot to keep it fresh, because as human beings we do change ourselves. 

(Photo: Jace Downs/AMC)

"But I think this one's going to be hard to top with that sort of thing, just because it wasn't just season to season, but sometimes it felt like episode to episode he was having new revelations about himself and that sort of thing. I'll definitely miss that about it. I would just hope that other characters I end up doing can hold a candle to Eugene because even if they're half as fun playing, I'll have a great time with it."

McDermitt has played Eugene on The Walking Dead since Season 4. He became a series regular in Season 5, and Eugene has been a key part of the group ever since. When Eugene is first introduced in the series, he is with Rosita [Christian Serratos] and Abraham [Michael Cudlitz] who is killed by Negan [Jeffrey Dean Morgan] at the start of Season 7. Eugene starts off as someone who does not want to fight to become one of the strongest and smartest members of the group. Currently, Eugene is with the entire group and battling Commonwealth leader Pamela [Lalia Robins] who blames Eugene for the death of her son Sebastian [Teo Rapp-Olson]. 


Once the show ends, three Walking Dead spinoffs will be coming to AMC. When PopCulture.com asked the cast if their will watch the shows, McDermitt said he will under one condition. "I'll only watch it if they give me a screener," he said. "I mean, I'll help you write the blog about it."