'The View' Fans Have More Words for Meghan McCain After Her Donald Trump Impeachment Weigh In

The View co-host Meghan McCain recently weighed in again on President Donald Trump's impeachment, and fans of the show have more words for her regarding the recent opinion shared. During a panel discussion on some comments Trump made about late Rep. John Dingell, McCain revealed she she applauded Rep. Tulsi Gabbard for voting "present" on the impeachment vote, as she has not supported an impeachment. However, she added how the personal comments Trump made have shown a pattern over remarks about deceased lawmakers who were not supporters of his, which further complicates the situation.

Viewers have since been tweeting out comments on McCain's stance, with one writing, "So, is she gonna vote for Trump’s opponent next November? How concerned is she? Concerned enough to do something? Didn’t think so. Besos!"

"All talk and no b—s indeed!!!!! [Tulsi Gabbard] [Meghan McCain] [Abby Huntsman]. A ‘present’ vote against Trump is symptomatic of a lack of scrupples, spine, direction and b—s. [in my honest opinion]. All that talk and sympathy means absolutely 0," another user commented.

"I am so SICK of the 'DJT is so horrible, but... blah, blah, blah' BS. There is no 'but.' There is no excuse. There is nothing he can do in his office that could possibly make up for his despicable behavior!! He does not respect his office, democracy or we the people!" someone else exclaimed.


"I get how some Republicans don't want to make the party look weak but is it really worth having THIS man as your figurehead and spokesman?" one more viewer asked. "It doesn't 'corrupt the process' it's sending a message, 'The highest seat of office is meant for those of the highest mettle. Not Con-Men.'"

The House voted to impeach Trump earlier this week. Next, the articles of impeachment will move on to the Senate.