How 'The Ranch' Part 6 Handled Rooster's Absence After Danny Masterson Exit

Danny Masterson exited Netflix's The Ranch prior to Part 6, and now fans know how the show handled his character Rooster's absence afterwards.

Please Note: Spoilers for Part 6 of The Ranch Below

Part 5 of the show ended with Rooster leaving town after being threatened by Nick — the ex-boyfriend of Rooster's ex-girlfriend Mary — who told him that if he didn't pack up and go he and his whole family would be in danger.

In Part 6, it has been revealed that Rooster is dead. In Episode 2, police discover his motorcycle in the river at the bottom of a ravine and surmise that he was driving too fast, drove off the cliff, and fell to his death.

This is certainly one way to make sure the character can never reappear, but it is not necessarily the ending for Rooster that fans were expecting.

Rooster's death comes after Netflix fired Masterson from the show when past sexual assault allegations against him came back up in the news. The star defended himself in a public statement, saying that he was unhappy with the streaming service's decision, and denying the claims he faced.

"From day one, I have denied the outrageous allegations against me. Law enforcement investigated these claims more than 15 years ago and determined them to be without merit," he said.

"I have never been charged with a crime, let alone convicted of one. In this country, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. However, in the current climate, it seems as if you are presumed guilty the moment you are accused," Masterson continued.

The actor still has many fans that are just as frustrated about his firing as he was, and they have been taking to social media to share their thoughts on the new episodes.

"Friendly Reminder. By watching this season you are supporting Netflix decision to fire [Danny Masterson] for absolutely no reason. Don't watch, don't stream," one fan tweeted, encouraging Mastersons fans to boycott the show. "Support Danny and his strength in this fight for wrongful accusation."


"Danny Masterson needs to be back because the crap he's going through I believe is B.S. excuse my language but I'm tired of the crap these actor's getting blamed for nothing and from these crazy a— stalking fan girls who don't have a life," someone else said.

Part 6 of The Ranch is now streaming on Netflix.