'The Price is Right at Night': Bob Barker-Era Contestant Gets Second Shot in 'Redemption' Preview (Exclusive)

CBS is kicking off the new year on the right foot with The Price Is Right at Night. The daytime game show will be back on primetime every Wednesday through Feb. 1, beginning with a special "Redemption" episode. In an exclusive clip for PopCulture.com, a Bob Barker-era contestant is given a second shot at winning a big prize.

Contestant Lorece was on The Price is Right 40 years ago, when the iconic Barker was still hosting. Current host Drew Carey brought her on stage and introduced a clip from Lorece's first time on the show. She played "Hole in One," a golf game where the ball is moved closer to the hole, depending on how many prices the contestant can correctly guess. Lorece managed to get the ball at the line closest to the hole. Unfortunately, she didn't putt the ball hard enough and it didn't go in, meaning she lost the game.

In 1987, "Hole in One" was amended to "Hole in One (or Two)." Although the game was introduced as "Hole in One," the contestant would later learn that they could get a second opportunity to putt the ball. Carey jokingly asked Lorece if she was the reason for the change. "That's why I've been praying to come back!" Lorece said. Fans will get a chance to see if she comes away with a prize when The Price Is Right at Night: Redemption airs on Wednesday, Jan. 4 at 8 p.m. ET. The episode will also be streaming on Paramount+.

This is just the first of five The Price Is Right at Night episodes airing on CBS Wednesdays through Feb. 1. The Jan. 11 episode features grocery store employees, testing their expert pricing knowledge so they could win new cars, a boat, a Costa Rican vacation, and more. On Jan. 18, geniuses will try out for prizes, while service industry workers will try to guess the right prices on Jan. 25. The Feb. 1 episode will feature Superfans, including a legacy contestant whose family loves the show so much, they named her after a Price Is Right model. One of the prizes offered during this episode is a private dinner with Carey.