'The Opposition' Canceled on Comedy Central

The Opposition, a nightly political commentary show on Comedy Central, has been canceled after only one season.

Deadline reports that the series — which is hosted by former Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper — will air its final episode on June 28.

Klepper will be staying on at the network, however, as he will be starring in a new series simply titled Klepper, which will see the host traveling the country and talking to everyday people about various topics.

Regarding the decision to end The Opposition, Comedy Central says it all boiled down to contract renewals coming up at the same time as the first season wrap.

"That added into the accelerated pace of the decision but it was mostly driven by excitement about the new show," explained Comedy Central president Kent Alterman. "We can't do both obviously so we are winding down The Opposition in accordance with gearing up Klepper."

The host bringing some of his Opposition crew with him as well, as executive producer Stuart Miller and co-executive producer Kim Gamble are also joining Klepper, with other staffers likely to make the move as well.

"I couldn't be more proud of the staff that we have at The Opposition, and the new show is going to have people from The Opposition and the talent that we have there is going to help build this show as well," Klepper stated.

He will also likely not have to be in front of the camera alone, as Alterman says that they "imagine it would be Jordan and maybe a couple of other contributors on-screen."

The Opposition featured Klepper hosting from a studio, which was a stark contrast to how Daily Show fans knew him, as the comedian would do most of his work out in the field. He's excited to get back to that format with Klepper.

"I definitely miss being out in the field," Klepper confessed. "This idea of not speaking through a character but speaking more from my own perspective and commenting on the effect of all that chaotic news cycle has on real America and placing me out in real America; we started to build a show out of that."

Alterman added that they "always anticipated to have Jordan more in the field than it proved to be practical on The Opposition." He referenced pieces such as Klepper meeting with Parkland school shooting survivors and a visit to Puerto Rico as examples of Kleppers strength.


"They were a reminder of Jordan at his absolute strength," Alterman stated. "How great it would be stripping it down to Jordan, his essence and who he is and if it was a weekly field-based show? Liberating him from doing a character and just be more himself even if it's an exaggerated, comedic version of himself like we saw in his work as a correspondent on The Daily Show and in his special. That would be a fruitful vehicle for him to shine, he is so smart and funny and likable."

At this time, there is no word on when Klepper will air.