'The Good Doctor' Fans Cheer Shaun's Correct Brain Tumor Patient Diagnosis

Dr. Shaun Murphy got it right again. In The Good Doctor season two premiere, Shaun had a medical epiphany at the right time, saving another patient's life. Audiences at home cheered for their favorite character.

In "Hello," we learned that Shaun (Freddie Highmore) was going to be allowed to stay at San Jose St. Bonavenutre Hospital, even after he made a mistake in the season one finale. However, Dr. Marcus Andrews (Hill Harper) was going to make Shaun prove himself now that Dr. Aaron Glassman (Richard Schiff) has resigned from his presidency and is seeking cancer treatment.

Shaun's first assignment in the new season was to work with Dr. Jared Kalu (Chuku Modu) to help San Jose's homeless. They find one male patient, Harry, who might be schizophrenic or have bacterial meningitis. Shaun proposes they treat the man at the hospital, even though they could be wrong. Jared agrees to take the blame if they do waste hospital resources since it is his last day.

Their first theory turns out to be wrong, which puts Jared in hot water. But later, Shaun figures it out.

While sitting in a waiting room with Glassman, the two men start tossing pieces of paper in the trash. Shaun puts some math pieces together in his head and realizes that Harry really has kaleidoscopic disintegration. He does not have schizophrenia, but a brain tumor!

Shaun later insists they bring Harry back in for an MRI. Jared reluctantly agrees because he believes in Shaun, just like viewers at home. In the end, Shaun is correct.

After they remove the tumor, Harry goes back to his old self. It turns out he was a married man with a daughter. The patient did not trust doctors and refused to take medications. His wife said his personality changed, and she told him to leave. Shaun said Harry — whose real name is Eddie — could not have known he was given the wrong medication. Eddie wakes up, and the family has a heartwarming reunion in the hospital.

This leads to Shaun's last conversation with Jared, who tells him how appreciative he is of what Shaun did.

"I know," Shaun replied.

"Thank you, Shaun," Jared said.

"Thank you, Jared," Shaun said as he turned and left.


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Photo credit: ABC