'The Good Doctor': Lea Will Not Be Shaun's Girlfriend

On this week's episode of The Good Doctor, Shaun's relationship with Lea took a surprising new [...]

On this week's episode of The Good Doctor, Shaun's relationship with Lea took a surprising new turn. While they will be moving in together, Lea told Shaun she only wants to be his friend.

"Carrots" picked up the morning after the events in "Tough Titmouse," when Shaun (Freddie Highmore) told Lea (Paige Spara) he rented the two-bedroom apartment she liked so they could live together. However, Lea did not think they should be living together because she feels people would believe they are a couple. Lea insisted she does not want them to become a couple, squashing Shaun's hopes for a romantic relationship.

"You can't predict the future. Feelings change," Shaun said. "I used to hate hugs, but now, sometimes I don't."

Lea said she does not want her feelings to change, and only wants to be Shaun's friend. She told Shaun it would be too awkward for them to live together.

"Anything that puts our friendship at risk isn't worth it to me," Lea said.

Shaun said he understood that, and headed off to work.

Later in the episode, Lea returned Shaun's deposit on the spacious apartment. However, Shaun still thought they could be "friends with benefits - the benefit is we would be living together."

Lea thought she was clear, but Shaun only understood that she did not want to be boyfriend and girlfriend.

"But I thought you wanted to be friends... and spend time together... then it's simple," Shaun said before leaving. He did not take the check back.

The next morning, Shaun told Lea he put down the deposit again. She said he was not listening to her, but he said she was not listening to him.

"I'll be ok with running into you naked, or hearing sex noises or seeing you cry over breakups with boyfriends," Shaun said.

Lea asked how he could be sure.

"Because living with you would be good for me. It makes me happy," Shaun said.

Lea reminded Shaun that he just told her that feelings can change. What if he gets mad at her again? "I don't want to risk our friendship over an apartment. Do you?" she asked.

Lea tried to tell Shaun that they could still see each other, but Shaun said he works so much. She insisted they could find some time.

Before heading off to the hospital, Shaun said he would tell the apartment manager they were not moving in, but Lea said she would do it.

Aside from the story with Lea, Shaun figured out how to get Glassman (Richard Schiff) to walk. He convinced Debby (Sheila Kelley) to visit him. She apologized for not seeing him sooner, and helped him walk.

In the last scene of the episode, Lea told Shaun she found her next apartment — the two-bedroom apartment with the fireplace. She has agreed to live in the same apartment with Shaun, as long as he is okay with them remaining only friends.

"I don't want to risk anything hurting our friendship. If you say you can handle living together, I trust you," Lea said.

"We're going to be roommates!" the two yelled together until the episode ended.

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