John Cho Joins 'The Exorcist' Season 2 As Series Regular

FOX has announced that Sleepy Hollow alum John Cho will be joining the cast The Exorcist for its upcoming second season.

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Per TV Line, the Cho will be playing a character named Andrew Kim, "a former child psychologist who runs a group home for five at-risk foster children on a secluded private island off the coast of Seattle."

Our reluctant heroes, Father's Ortega and Keane (although Keane is now collarless) are said to end up being led to Kim when one of the children in his group home becomes the target of a supernatural entity.

FOX officially, announced last month that The Exorcist would be getting a second season at the network. After last season, it was uncertain if the critically-acclaimed show would return.

Fans began to rally, creating and circulating the hashtag "#RenewTheExorcist," as well as pleading with one another to rewatch the entire series on the cable or satellite provider's On Demand service and/or Hulu.

It seems that all the hard work, and online vigilance, paid off.

Some might be surprised that The Exorcist was renewed since it was slotted in a Friday night TV graveyard spot.

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Normally that would mean certain death for a show, but The Exorcist did incredibly well, considering its circumstance. It averaged a little over 3 million viewers, which allotted it a 1.2 rating among the 18-49 viewer range.

Other hour-long FOX shows in better time slots than The Exorcist did decidedly worse that it did, and most of them are not coming back for a new season.

Rosewood and Sleepy Hollow, for example, are FOX shows that had what would be considered "better" time slots but just couldn't garner the viewership needed to return for additional seasons.

So when you consider that The Exorcist did better in its poor time slot than shows in time slots with significantly more visibility, it starts to make sense why FOX saw value in renewing it.


Plus, this could mean it'll get a more prime position next season, which could lead to an increase in viewers.