'The Conners' Star Sara Gilbert Talks David's Return in Possible Season 2

The Conners' Season 1 finale set the stage for a stressful love triangle for Darlene Conner.

During "We Continue to Truck," Darlene decided not to move to Chicago with her boyfriend Ben (Jay R. Ferguson) in order to not leave her family in their time of need.

She agrees to continue to work for and be in a relationship with Ben, even after a surprise return from David (Johnny Galecki), who revealed to his ex wife he had broken up with his girlfriend and was ready to try things again with her.

In a conversation with TVLine, Sara Gilbert — who plays Darlene on the ABC comedy series as well as acting as an executive producer — revealed her hopes for Galecki to return for more episodes in order to explore the new love triangle in Darlene's life.

"That's something I'm very hopeful about," Gilbert told the outlet. "I know he loves doing the show. I love having him. We have a magical time together. I would anticipate that he would do some [episodes] but I don't want to speak for him."

With Galecki's biggest commitment, his starring role on CBS' The Big Bang Theory, set to wrap up in May, it would be safe to assume the actor might be available for more episodes in a possible Season 2.

The season finale also saw Darlene tell Ben she loves him for the first time, which should bring a new layer of drama should the series be renewed.

"I think Darlene does love Ben. But a love that's new is obviously different than a love of 30 years, with someone that you have children with," Darlene said. "In some ways it's stronger and in other ways it can't compete."

With David also revealing the abrupt end of his relationship with Blue, Gilbert said that the twist might not necessarily mean the end of Juliette Lewis on the show.

"I would love to see her again," Darlene told the publication. "We haven't gotten into creative [discussions about Season 2] because we aren't officially picked up yet. But that is something we'll explore."

She added: "I'm a huge fan of Juliette Lewis and I like how Darlene judges her and then softens to her. I like the complicated dynamic between David and Darlene and she obviously adds [more] complications."


The Conners has not been officially renewed for Season 2 at ABC.

"I'm just grateful that we got to do [Season 1] and that people watched," Gilbert said. "I didn't know if that was going to happen going in. I was hopeful. Obviously there were a lot of emotions going in, so I'm grateful things have settled down a little bit and everything seems OK right now."