'The Conners': 'Sons of Anarchy' Alum Katey Sagal's Character Revealed

Sons of Anarchy veteran Katey Sagal made her debut on The Conners during the winter finale, and her eyes appeared to be set on Dan.

During "O Sister, Where Art Thou?," the ABC comedy series introduced Louise (Katey Sagal), an old friend from Dan (John Goodman) and Roseanne's (Barr) high school days who recently came back to Lanford after many years working on a music career in Chicago and is now back and working at Casa Bonita.

"Hey Dan," Louise says as Dan walks in to pick up a lunch order for his crew.

"Hey Louise, remember we were talking about your band and I couldn't remember the name of that group that I used to like. Found 'em," Dan says before he hands her a vinyl of a band they remember from the good old days.

"Baby Huey and the Babysitters," Louise says. "Messin' With the Kid." and then the pair start to sing their favorite song.

"Wow, you know, right when I left Lanford, I got to Chicago. I sat in with them," she recalls.

"No!" Dan says in awe.

"Yep, then they looked over saw me sitting on the edge of the stage and I got thrown out," she said.

Dan laughs and tells her it's nice to have her back in town.

"I remember you packing your drums in the back of your [car] after graduation and heading out to Chicago with your band," he says.

"Yeah, that was the beginning of the long, slow climb to the bottom," she jokes.

"Well, I was jealous of you. I still kick myself for not taking my guitar and hitting the road like you did," Dan admits.

"Don't beat yourself up," Louise says. "You were terrible."

Louise then tells Dan that she has an extra ticket to an "Oldies" concert nearby and she asks him to go with her while she's holding his arm. Becky looks from afar as Dan agrees to the invitation, seemingly unaware the woman is flirting with him.

Sagal joins the list of many big-name guest stars who have shown up during the first season of ABC's Roseanne-less spinoff series, including Juliette Lewis, Jay R. Ferguson, Matthew Broderick and Johnny Galecki.


Her role taught Dan an important lesson that all widowers of a certain age should know later in the episode, while also helping him realize that he is not ready to move on from his wife's death just yet.

What did you think of Sagal's debut on The Conners? The series returns with all new episodes in January on ABC.