'The Conners' Season 2 Finale: How to Watch, What Time and What Channel

Tuesday night marks the Season 2 finale of The Conners, which finds the family planning a road trip, planning a move, and possibly losing their house to foreclosure. It's sure to be an eventful end to an eventful season, which has been earmarked with wild guest stars and ambitious live episodes.

The Conners Season 2 finale, "Bridge Over Troubled Conners," airs at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. Anyone with a cable subscription or a TV antenna will be able to watch, so long as they check their local listings. Cord-cutters who opt for streaming over traditional live TV can tune in via Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV, both of which offer free trials. For those who aren't able to watch it Tuesday night, the episode will be available to stream on both ABC.com and Hulu starting Wednesday morning.

PopCulture.com also got an exclusive look at the Season 2 finale, which finds Becky (Lecy Goranson) planning a lengthy drive to Mexico with her kid so she can meet her father. She's also taking Jackie (Laurie Metcalf), who prepped for the trip by downing way too many two-hour energy drinks. Meanwhile, as Darlene (Sara Gilbert) sees them off, she's planning on finding a place of her own with Ben (Jay R. Ferguson) as they plan on taking their relationship to the next level.

There's also Dan's (John Goodman) new romance to Louise (Katey Sagal), which itself was marked with difficulty. First with Dan coming to terms with his ability to move on after the death of his wife (Roseanne Barr), who sort-of haunted a recent episode as an eerie reminder of her looming presence. Of course, by the time Dan was ready to commit, Louise had moved on, although it proved to be a brief infatuation.


Of course, now that he's comfortable wearing his CPAP in front of Louise while they sleep, he has to contend with the reality of losing his house. As well as present another uncomfortable truth to his new girlfriend: the ongoing financial hardships that seem inherent to the Conner family.

Despite the daunting circumstances, Dan admitted business had been slow and the second mortgage had gotten away from him. However, as he read the foreclosure letter from the bank, it seemed to spark something inside him, as he appears more ready than ever to fight for his family home.