'The Conners' Reveals the Family's Bizarre Halloween Costumes in New Clip

The Conners has revealed some of the family's bizarre Halloween costumes for the upcoming [...]

The Conners has revealed some of the family's bizarre Halloween costumes for the upcoming spooky-holiday-themed episode, in a new clip.

In the clip, Dan (John Goodman) is shown as "Napolean Blown-Apart" — a parody of Napolean Bonapart — and DJ (Michael Fishman) appear to be a safari guide who is being attacked by a lion.

There is also a shot of Becky (Leecy Goranson) as Sharknade-O'Connor — a mash-up of Sharknado and singer Sinead O'Connor — and Jackie looks to be a disembowled cheerleader.

Being a spinoff of Roseanne, which was well-known for its epic Halloween episodes, The Conners producers felt it was important to keep the tradition alive with the new series.

The Conners executive producers Bruce Rasmussen and Dave Caplan first revealed plans for the special episode while speaking to Variety earlier this month.

"We're doing a Halloween episode, which the show is known for," Rasmussen shared.

"A lot of the iconic things that people were used to from the old show continue on to the new show," Caplan went on to add. "It's the same family, it's the same couch, with the same iconic throw on the back of it and so there's an awful lot that will look familiar. It's just people adapting to a new normal."

Many fans of the show are already getting pumped up, with several having already taken to social media to share their excitement.

"Conner Halloween episodes were hands down my favorite growing up," one person tweeted, while someone else commented, "Its Gonna be great!!! Love this show."

In addition to their announcement of the Halloween episode during their conversation with Variety, Rasmussen and Caplan also spoke about the The Conners cast and explained that they were thrilled to get to work with them all again following the Roseanne revival's cancellation.

Part of the reason they were excited, was due to the new prospects for story lines and character developments with the family.

"What we did last year with Becky [during the Roseanne revival series] was a blast," Rasmussen stated. "To see that character, who was the perfect student and the smart one, sort of not have reached her potential and be dealing with drinking was fun. To see that character fall apart a bit and see her battle through things and deal with the loss of her husband and that stuff."

"One of the things that's really interesting this year is we get to see the growth in Dan's relationship with Mark [Ames McNamara], who is Darlene's son," Caplan also said. "They have a really special connection that we actually feel between the actors on the stage, and it transfers over to the characters. There's this multi-generational thing going on between them that is really magical. That's just one of the relationships we think are really sparking this year."

The Conners airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.