'The Conners': Johnny Galecki as David Returns in Episode 2

The Conners welcomed back a familiar face in Episode 2 to deal with some relationship drama. The ABC comedy series featured the return of Johnny Galecki's David Healy as Darlene (Sara Gilbert) continued to juggle her two relationship, and dealing with drama at home.

Spoilers ahead for The Conners Season 2, Episode 2: "A Kiss Is Just a Kiss"

The episode caught up with Darlene and David shortly after the end of Episode 1, as the former married couple rekindled their relationship in secret at the Conner house. The drama escalates when the doorbell rings and Darlene finds her boyfriend Ben (Jay R. Ferguson) dropping in for a surprise visit.

Knowing that her ex is waiting in her bedroom, Darlene rushes the visit with Ben despite Jackie's (Laurie Metcalf) protests. Outside of the house, Ben senses Darlene is pulling back ever since he invited her to move in with him. He suggests that Darlene go to therapy to work on her longstanding issues, which she brushes off with a laugh.

Darlene discusses her predicament with Jackie, sharing she is struggling to choose between the familiar relationship with her childhood sweetheart, and the new passionate relationship she shares with her boss. Jackie makes it clear she is Team Ben, also creeping out her niece when she gets lost in thought when trying to visualize their time in bed together.

David also seems to be getting more involved as a parent also, when he was featured in a tense scene giving Darlene support as she dealt with drama concerning Mark (Ames McNamara) kissing a friend at school.

After a sweet family moment with Mark, Darlene and David had an argument after he also grew tired of sneaking around with her. He said it was time for her to finally make her choice between him and Ben, but Darlene had other plans. Rather than deciding between the two meant, Darlene said she wanted assurances that David has really changed his ways. She told him to seek a therapist and work on his own problems before she can make her own choices. Looks like our favorite Conners characters will be heading to therapy very soon.

Galecki's appearance comes as he promised he would reprise the role of David as much as he could, without committing to the ABC series full time. After wrapping up his long run on The Big Bang Theory, the actor said he was open to returning to The Conners.


"I certainly hope to visit as much as possible," he told TVLine in February. "That's kind of my second home... I still have a bit of a high school crush on that character."

The Conners airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.