'The Conners' Will Introduce a Grown-Up Version of Another 'Roseanne' Character This Season

It's been announced that this season on The Conners, the show will introduce a grown-up version of another Roseanne character, who fans have not seen in a while. According to TV Line, the is bringing back Dan's younger brother, known as "Little Ed." As Roseanne fans will recall, "Little Ed" is a child that Dan’s dad Ed Sr. (played by Ned Beatty) had late-in-life with is second wife Crystal (played by Natalie West).

According to TV Line's description of the character, Ed Jr. is now 21 years old, and "is a college graduate who harbors some resentment towards his older brother for not helping care for their octogenarian dad."

Casting for the role is currently underway, though at this time there is no word on if any recognizable stars have auditioned. TV Line also reported that the role will likely be recurring.

Notably, Ed Sr. and Crystal also had a daughter named Angela, but there is no word on if that character will appear.

The Conners has been a highly successful series in the wake of Rosanne's cancellation, and have even brought in a number of new character's suck as Katey Sagal's Louise, who is a love interest for Dan.

Earlier this year, Sagal sat down with the hosts of The Talk to spill some details on her character, saying, "She went to school with Dan and Roseanne, and always had a crush on Dan. But Roseanne got him first."

"Jackie, Laurie Metcalf's character was also in school with them, and she... does not like me. And I'm not 100 percent sure why... I beat her out in a talent contest, that's why," she added. "That'll do it," The Talk co-host Carrie Ann Inaba then said with a laugh.

Sagal went on to explain Louise's backstory, revealing that she used to be a professional musician. "I know that I had a band. I'm off the road and back in my hometown. Probably because things didn't work out, you know, it's hard to be a musician."

"So she's back home, and she's been on the road and she... runs into Dan," she added. "We'll see what happens."

Marie Osmond brought up Married... with Children, Sagal's iconic dysfunctional family sitcom and compared it to the legacy of Rosanne/The Conners.


"The Conners and the Bundys, you both arrived on the television scene in the early '80s, mid '80s... is there still a little bit of healthy competition between the two? Was there ever?" she asked Sagal, who very simply replied, "Well, we were there first."

Photo Credit: ABC