'The Conners' Family Member Announces Surprise Pregnancy

There's a baby on the way in The Conners household.

After the show promised that the death of family matriarch Roseanne Conner (Barr) would come with many plot twists for the family — including an unexpected pregnancy — Becky (Lecy Goranson) shocked her family after announcing she was expecting a "miracle" baby.

In the first minutes of "Miracles," the Conner family was sitting down at Casa Bonita to have dinner with Darlene (Sara Gilbert) and her new boyfriend Neil (Justin Long) when Becky attempted to tell them about the specials at the Mexican restaurant but couldn't get too many words out because she said she had food poisoning.

"I had the chicken tacos last night and my stomach is doing somersaults," she said as she looked visibly uncomfortable taking her family's order.

Dan (John Goodman) didn't seem to believe his daughter's claims that she was sick, but rather that she was not listening to their agreement for her to drink less and that she was hungover at work.

Becky adamantly told him she was not hungover, but the smell of fish and food made her sick while she was working, so Dan tells her they will be going to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting after work.

The next day, after Darlene breaks up with Neil following the realization that he is too similar to her ex-husband David (Johny Galecki), the family gathers at the Conner household and Becky arrives with the surprising news.

"You're never going to believe this," she starts. "I wasn't nauseous at work because I was hungover, Dad! I was sick because I am pregnant!"

The family, and the live studio audience screams in joy at the surprise news — considering Becky had been told during the Roseanne revival that she had a minimal chance of getting pregnant.

"I know but I had unsafe sex and it worked!" Becky tells Jackie as she screams in joy.

"This is a full on miracle, you were meant to be a mom. The doctor said that you were too old and too picked. But God filled that uterus with life," Geena (Maya Lynne Robinson) says.


The surprising news on the ABC comedy series come as producers teased an unexpected pregnancy would shock the family in the first season of the Roseanne-less spinoff series. The move is likely a way of bringing the joy of new life to the comedy series following the death of Roseanne, who was revealed to have died of a drug overdose during the series premiere.

How will Becky's pregnancy change The Conners? The series airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.