'The Conners' Episode 2 Introduces New Love Interests

The Conners set up new romantic partners for two of its main characters during its latest [...]

The Conners set up new romantic partners for two of its main characters during its latest episode.

Though most of the episode dealt with Darlene (Sara Gilbert) coming to terms with her ex David's (Johnny Galecki) new girlfriend Blue (Juliette Lewis), the series introduced a new love interest for the single mom, as well as hinting at Jackie's (Laurie Metcalf) new beau.

As Darlene and Harris (Emma Kenney) discuss David's new girlfriend, Blue, Jackie interjects when Harris says something particularly painful to her mother.

"Harris you come from a long line of sharp-tongued women who have found that that particular gift keeps them from having any truly successful relationships outside the family," she says.

David arrives at the house to pickup the kids, as they are spending the weekend with him and Blue.

"Hey got everything?" David asks.

"Everything but happiness," Jackie says. "I mean, I'm working on it with a new boyfriend... we got baggage but we're aware of it, and as a life coach I know that once you're aware of the problem then you can begin that long long process."

We don't meet Jackie's new man during the episode, though he is expected to make his debut — with Matthew Broderick in the role — during the upcoming Halloween episode.

Later, Jackie, Becky (Lecy Goranson) and Darlene are at the restaurant drinking and checking out Lanford's men, motivating her to put herself out there.

They are interrupted by a man (Justin Long), nervously asking if she can buy her a drink.

"Oh, I should've asked. You're not with somebody right?" he asks.

"I was. But that was like 20 years ago so I think I'm free," Darlene says.

He adds, "I love your curly hair. But you probably hate it. Everybody wants what they can't have."

"I'm sorry. I'm kind of a direct person I assumer you're talking to me because you want all this small talk to lead to sex," Darlene says, adding that she's O.K. with it and the pair leave the restaurant together.

The next morning, Darlene is caught doing a walk of shame by David with news that Harris had sex with a boy while at his house, which sets off the drama.

After a serious altercation between Darlene and Blue — and David telling his ex-wife that his relationship has evolved and she will be in their kids lives long term — Darlene and David decide to officially get a divorce.

The emotional conversation is interrupted by Darlene's phone ringing, receiving a text from the man and Darlene announcing she agreed to see him again on Friday.

Will Darlene's new relationship last? Can Jackie find the happiness she's looking for? The Conners airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.