'The Chi': Fired Actor Jason Mitchell's Character Fate Revealed

The fate of Jason Mitchell's The Chi character has been revealed months after it was revealed that he was axed from the series. Mitchell was fired amid serious misconduct allegations against him, Deadline reported at the time.

The actor has played Brandon Johnson on The Chi since Season 1. Despite is character having a major role in Season 2 of the Showtime series, he won't return to finish out his storyline in Season 3, Variety reported. Gary Levine, the network's co-president of entertainment, revealed during the Television Critics Association summer press tour on Friday how they'll be dealing with Brandon's absence on the show.

"There is a lot of great life in The Chi and there's also death in The Chi and that's how we'll be dealing with it," Levine said. No further details about how Brandon will die have been revealed at this time.

His firing was first announced in May. At the time, Deadline reported that he was removed amid allegations of misconduct, which prompted representatives at UTA to stop representing him. The actor was also said to have dropped out of an upcoming Netflix film called Desperados. His decision to walk away from the film was said to be the first in a series of upcoming exits he'd be making.

At the time, no information was available about the misconduct. Deadline reported that it happened away from the set, however. Mitchell had previously been accused of inappropriate behavior on the set of The Chi, but the situation was privately resolved and production moved forward with him.

Not long after news broke that Mitchell would be leaving The Chi, details surfaced about what led to his firing. A source linked to The Chi told The Hollywood Reporter that co-star Tiffany Boone was among "several actresses" who had problems with Mitchell on set. She complained about alleged sexual harassment and said she felt so unsafe she often asked fiancé, Marque Richardson to visit the set when filming with Mitchell.

Boone didn't comment on the allegations, though.

She later told producers at Fox 21, the company that produces The Chi, that she didn't want to work alongside Mitchell any more. Initially, the studio kept him on and let Boone work on other projects. Others stars also said they had issues with Mitchell, but it's unclear what led to the studio finally firing him.

He also had issues on the set of Desperados, according to THR. A source linked to production said that producers received "specific information which was investigated immediately and thoroughly and dealt with as quickly as possible."


Mitchell rose to fame when he played Eazy-E in the 2015 N.W.A biopic Straight Outta Compton. He went on to appear in popular films like Mudbound and Detroit.

His character on The Chi was integral to the show's plot from the beginning. Brandon was a young man trying to better his life in Chicago following the shooting death of his younger brother. The show's second season premiered on Showtime in April and aired through June 16.