'The Blacklist': Red Gets Arrested After Shocking Betrayal

The Blacklist finally pulled the trigger on Raymond "Red" Reddington's arrest, thanks to one shocking betrayal twist.

After years working alongside the FBI in secret despite being the most wanted criminal in America, Red (James Spader) was caught by New York police while out on the street and there is little chance he will get out.

During the second half of the series' two-night premiere, Red and the FBI task force continued on the trail of the elusive international assassin they had been chasing in the first hour, as Liz (Megan Boone) and Jennifer (Fiona Dourif) kept their secret mission to uncover Red's real identity going forward.

(Photo: NBC/Virginia Sherwood)

After the mission to Red to Hollywood to reconnect with an arms dealer, and then to New York to meet with Liz at the United Nations after the assassin had planted a bomb, the team worked arduously along with Red to diffuse the bomb and save the day.

Once the mission was done — though the assassin got a way and disappeared without a trace — Liz begins to reconsider her secret mission, thinking that Red may be an impostor, but he still helps millions by supplying the names and helping the FBI with his blacklist so maybe looking into him is a mistake. Jennifer tells her that they must keep their mission going, but it is up to her in the end.

Feeling confident after a good day's work, Red and his associate walk around New York and he stops to buy a pretzel on the street, when a beat cop stops him and asks him for his ID. Red tries to fool him at first, but the police officer seems to have been tipped off that he was carrying a concealed weapon.

After asking for backup the New York officers identify him as Raymond Reddington and they are left feeling rather overwhelmed that they arrested the most wanted man in America.

As the team finds out about Red's arrest, Liz tries to figure out a way for the task force to intervene, though they know that now that he has been processed the government cannot intervene on the investigation without revealing their secret deal with the criminal mastermind.

Harold (Harry Lennix) tries to appeal to the head of the FBI for them to release Red before his arrest goes public. She reveals, however, that the case has already reached prosecutor Susan Holt (Karen Pittman), who plans to ride the popularity of Red's arrest and conviction in her bid for Governor of New York.

Later, Liz visits Red in jail to let him know that there is nothing they can do. She is shocked by the fact that Red tells her to not concern herself with his arrest or his impending trial, as the only thing he cares about is finding out who betrayed him. He says his random arrest was planned and someone had to tip off the police.

As Red is transported in chains to prison, Liz and Jennifer sit at her home talking. Jennifer says that it was the best thing for Red to be arrested as they will now be able to investigate his real identity without obstacles.


Liz, however, seems flustered by guilt as she talks about how Red only cared about finding out who betrayed his trust. She says she is afraid of what will happen if he ever finds out that it was her who tipped the police and secured his arrest as the episode ends, kicking off what will likely be a shocking new season.

The Blacklist airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.