TBS Sets 'American Dad' Season 13 Return Date, Releases Trailer

American Dad returns to TBS in 2019, and the premiere date as well as the first trailer are finally here.

American Dad last aired a new episode in May, and fans have been itching for new material. They will finally get their wish on Feb. 11, when the show returns with its latest batch of episodes. The trailer promises big things from the show, as Stan Francine and Roger have all somehow ended up with bulging, tanned physiques.

In the clip, Francine lays in a hospital bed unconscious, with tubes protruding from her strangely muscular arms. A doctor does his best to explain how serious her condition is, but Stan repeatedly interrupts with puns about fitness.

"This is totally my fault," Stan says, flexing his arms to point at himself.

"Sir, please stop posing," the doctor says.

"I can't, this is shaking me to my core," he says, flexing his midsection. After Roger punches a hole in the wall, the doctor finally breaks his concentration.

"Are you guys on drugs?"

"Very much," Roger says.

"Yes, an incredible amount," Stan adds.

This is one of the most hotly anticipated comebacks of the season for animation fans, and it kicks off a huge year for the series. At New York Comic Con back in October, producers from American Dad announced that the show would air a half-season in the spring followed by a full season later in the year, meaning that there will be a total of 31 new episodes in 2019.

The exact time line for those premieres is unclear. At Comic Con, producer Parker Deay said that the show would "roll right into" the next full season as soon as this one was done, though there could be a hiatus of some kind in between. At the panel, Deay also said that the show would be returning on Jan. 28, so it is clear that things are still up in the air at TBS.

The numbering of these seasons is also difficult to pin down, causing a lot of confusion in the reporting and announcement of American Dad news. The numbering of seasons is split between TV and DVD release, and has only become more complicated with the advent of streaming services and digital stores.

On top of that, the show got even more complicated when it jumped from its home on Fox to TBS full time. Therefore, some outlets are reporting that the upcoming episodes in February will mark "Season 16," while the latest release on Hulu is labeled "Season 13."


In any case, the Smith family will soon be back with new adventures and hijinks, and they will be sticking around for a while this time. New episodes of American Dad begin on Friday, Feb. 11 at 10 p.m. ET on TBS.