Steve Harvey's Reaction to This 'Family Feud' Dance is Why the Show Remains Popular

Steve Harvey's reactions on Family Feud is one of the main reasons the show remains so popular in [...]

Steve Harvey's reactions on Family Feud is one of the main reasons the show remains so popular in its fifth iteration. While the show has always been about the answers players deliver and the host's charisma, Harvey's tenure mixes hilarious and risque answers with the comedian's Rolodex of expressions. But in this clip, it isn't an answer that gives Harvey pause.

The clip is taken from the end of a recent episode with a family that had great success with the Fast Money round. Mother and daughter, Julie and Jessica, had just brought home the $20,000 prize after a golden round by Julie that earned 160 points. Jessica didn't do as well, but still managed to walk away with enough points to win.

It's an exciting win and it leads to the men of the Montas family, Marcos and Aquiles, dancing wildly in the middle of the game show's floor. This includes gyrating and humping the floor while doing the "wap," leading to one of Harvey's best reactions.

He managed to stare into the camera for a bit, clearly traumatized by the act, and finished the episode with his closing comments. "Well, two-day total 20,470 bucks, and they're coming right back on Family Feud," Harvey said. "They can't win no more money."

And much like every laughing fit, exasperated response, playful hit and shocked face, fans of Family Feud chimed in under this video with their joy. "Almost choked on my orange when the bald dude in teh pinnk shirt began to hump the floor as he celebrated," one fan wrote. "Reading the comments then watching. I wasn't expecting to seriously laugh," another added.

Apart from his time on Family Feud, Harvey has had plenty of time in the news recently thanks to his daughter, Lori Harvey, and his reflection on his classic mixup with the Miss Universe pageant in 2015. Harvey calls the latter moment his most "painful" of his hosting career, noting that people even threw rocks at his home in retaliation for the mixup. "I took my stupid ass back out there. I should have let them announce it the next day in the newspaper. I wouldn't have caught none of the hell I caught," Harvey said on Kevin Hart's Comedy Gold Minds podcast.