'Station 19' Sets up 'Grey's Anatomy' Crossover With Devastating Ending

Station 19's tragic ending made for the perfect set up to the firefighter drama's upcoming crossover event with Grey's Anatomy.

Thursday's new episode, titled "Friendly Fire," saw the crew responding to a serious blaze at a coffee processing plant, as the firefighters dealt with drama in their personal lives. The episode ended leaving a beloved character's life in the balance, and at the mercy of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital doctors.

The episode started with Andy (Jaina Lee Ortiz) and Sullivan (Boris Kodjoe) continuing to bond by working out together. Vic (Barrett Doss) and Chief Ripley (Brett Tucker) considered the possibility of getting married in order to finally get their relationship out in the open, and Ben (Jason George) continued to study to become a Medic One.

Andy finds herself in a good mood after helping out those around her, still unaware that her best friend Maya (Danielle Savre) and her ex Jack (Grey Damon) have been seeing each other behind her back. Her act of kindness fills Jack with guilt so he pushes Maya to finally come clean.

"We have to tell her," Jack says after shoving Maya into a supply closet to have the conversation.

"Andy deserves the truth I agree," Maya says, before the two agree it has to happen now. Maya takes the opportunity that they are alone to start kissing him, leading to the unfortunate moment when Andy opens the door and finds them getting intimate.

"What am I looking at? Had this happened before?" Andy asks in shock. After they say it's been weeks, Andy walks away in awe of their actions.

Andy unravels momentarily about what happened to Sullivan, but their conversation is interrupted when they are called to the site of the coffee processing plant once again, after another crew told them they were not needed anymore.

Maya and Andy have to put their differences aside to respond to the fire, as Andy finds out her father Pruitt (Miguel Sandoval) started his new job as a private EMT. While the two friends discuss her betrayal, they realize a chemical reaction will cause the building to explode and the crew braces for the massive blow.

(Photo: ABC/Tony Rivetti)

The twist led to the firefighters pairing up to find survivors inside the building, but other smaller blows lead to one of the other fire captains getting stuck in the building. He says the structure isn't sound, so no one should try to come after him. Ripley refuses to listen to him, and takes it upon himself as fire chief to go after him.

Vic tells him to be safe and he promises to come back before heading into the unstable building.

Once inside, Ripley is about to reach the fallen fire captain when a blast causes him to hit his head and he passes out. Moments later, Vic watches as Ripley heroically comes out of the building in time to take his colleague to safety.

After the tense day, the rest of the crew volunteers to stay behind and help with cleanup while Ripley and Vic take some time to recover after the tense day. Vic lashes out at Ripley for putting himself in danger and admits she is falling in love with him.

She shocks him further by proposing to him "for real." But tells him to answer later, given how insane it is. They agree to meet for breakfast the next day at their diner to discuss.

Things take a tragic turn when Vic arrives at their meeting place, but Ripley appears to be late. At the station, Andy, Sullivan and Ben are sent to respond on a call.


The episode ends when Ripley runs into Levi Schmitt (Grey's Anatomy's Jake Borelli) at a flower shop. After he leaves, the show goes to Vic running out of the diner believing she was stood up. However, Levi finds Ripley collapsed on the ground outside the shop and calls for help.

Will the doctors be able to save Ripley? The Grey's Anatomy, Station 19 crossover event is set to air Thursday, May 2 starting at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.