'Station 19' Possibly Kills off Three Major Characters in Finale Episode

Station 19 brought action-packed drama to its first season finale, which saw at least three characters possibly die in a jaw-dropping cliffhanger.

Before the chaos erupts, Jack (Grey Damon) tells Andy (Jaina lee Ortiz) that if he doesn't get the captain job, he will transfer firehouses to avoid the awkwardness. However, the race for captain of Station 19 is interrupted after the team gets a call about a skyscraper fire downtown.

As the firefighters work to evacuate the building the fire starts jumping floors, threatening the lives of multiple firefighters and injuring Travis Montgomery (Jay Hayden).

Ben (Jason George) drags Travis through the floor to attempt to save his friend despite him having a shard of glass puncturing his chest.

Back at the station, Miranda Bailey (Grey's Anatomy's Chandra Wilson) and Ryan Tanner (Alberto Frezza) are shocked to find Andy's dad Pruitt (Miguel Sandoval) passed out in the firehouse, who had been complaining of shortness of breath earlier in the episode.

Miranda starts to give him CPR, as the crew continues to put the fire out on the site.

Jack and Dean (Okieriete Onaodowan) find themselves trapped on one of the top floors with a civilian who needs assistance, but Chief Ripley (Brett Tucker) refuses to let the elevators move because it would be unsafe due to the fast-spreading fire.

Andy ignores the chief's orders and turns on the elevator so Jack and Dean can escape.

Meanwhile, Ben tries to get Travis down the stairs, while also making sure to keep him awake. They find a woman who was trampled by the scared crowds and Ben must choose whether to save her or Travis.

"You are a surgeon, save the life you can save... we both know that's not mine," Travis tells Ben. "This was going to be such a good day."

Elsewhere, Jack tells Dean to make sure the patient's vitals are stable as they get on the elevator, but he steps off at the last minute, staying behind on the compromised floor to ensure the floor, which was reveal to hold several gas valves, doesn't blow up the entire building.

At the station, Miranda and Ryan work to revive Pruitt with her saying they have to get to the hospital, leaving Andy's father's fate to be revealed in the fall.

Jack tells Andy on the intercom he stayed behind to make sure the eventual explosion on his floor doesn't bring down the building. She tries to tell him to get off that floor but he says he can't because he must keep the emergency doors closed in order to keep the building standing.

"Don't do this," Andy says. "Don't be a hero Jack... You can find a way."

Jack tells Andy he has no choice as he won't save himself in exchange for the crew's and hundreds of other lives.

During the episode's final minutes Travis loses consciousness on the stairs as Ben treats the young woman, and Jack says goodbye to Andy.

"I lied before about having regrets, because I don't... not with you," Jack says.


Andy tells him to stay on the radio with her, but as she starts to head down the stairs he stops answering and the episode ends with the sound of an explosion.

Station 19 will return for its second season in fall 2018 on ABC.