'Station 19': Twitter Applauds Bisexual Main Character

One of the firefighters on Station 19 spoke candidly about their sexuality, and Twitter is loving it.

As Andy (Jaina Lee Ortiz), Maya (Danielle Savre) and Victoria (Barrett Doss) shared a few drinks on Andy's porch on their time off, the subject of their love lives came up.

"Day drinking is a good first step but you need to treat yourself," Maya says to Andy after the three firefighters cheers to her first successful shift as firehouse interim captain.

Andy says she might hit the rock climbing gym, which Victoria and Maya do not see as a fun "treat-yourself" activity.

"Maya, you run all the time," Andy says to her friend.

"That is self-discipline not self-care" Maya says.

"And what is your self-care," Victoria asks.

"Oh, lots and lots of sex, I highly recommend it," Maya says exhaling. "More like a series of ladies and gents... monogamy is for the weak, or the very, very dedicated."

Fans of the new Grey's Anatomy firefighter spinoff were happy to see bisexuality represented by a main character on the series, many sharing their love for Maya.

Station 19 previously introduced gay firefighter Travis Montgomery (Jay Hayden) who lost his husband and fellow firefighter some time before, which opened a slot on the team for newbie Ben Warren (Jason George), who stopped being a surgeon to become a firefighter.

Executive producer Stacy McKee told Entertainment Weekly that rather than seeing Maya and Andy get involved romantically, especially since she's already in a love triangle with Jack (Grey Damon) and Ryan (Alberto Frezza), the series will explore their friendship, including how Andy being in the running for the captain job might affect it.


"We definitely explore their friendship, and what it means to both of them, pretty deeply and pretty quickly within the series, because to me, that's one of the elements that was so important to have," McKee said. "I mean, I love a good love triangle, I love a romance for Andy and Ryan and Jack, but to me, one of the cornerstones of any great Shondaland show, and any great show to my mind, is watching women be supportive of each other and strong, good friends together, and what that means. Sometimes it means you go through a really rocky patch before you come out the other end. And there's definitely something to be said for having a really good friend who you work with, who the next day is suddenly your boss."

Station 19 airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.