'Station 19': Major Character Considers Quitting

Station 19's winter premiere time jump caught up with the events of Grey's Anatomy, and posing an interesting question for new firefighter Ben.

Most of "Crash and Burn" was dedicated to exploring the direct aftermath of Andy (Jaina Lee Ortiz) and Sullivan's (Boris Kodjoe) tragic accident during the windstorm that left their lives, and a patient's in the balance.

As the two firefighters worked to survive the life-threatening situation, the rest of the team quietly celebrated Thanksgiving, as Ben (Jason George) continued to deal with his separation from Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson), Ryan (Alberto Frezza) wrestled with his desire to let his dad escape the police and Jack (Grey Damon) lashed out because of his PTSD from the skyscraper fire.

With Sullivan facing severe injuries from the accident, Andy was left relatively alone to treat the patient and attempt to get help. Despite her best efforts, their patient died before the first responders could get to them.

After paramedics and the other firefighters come to Andy and Sullivan's rescue, the show jumped four months to Andy receiving a special recognition for her bravery during the ordeal, though she struggled with feeling like she did not deserve it since she couldn't save everyone.

The time jump also checked back in with Jack after starting therapy and saw that he continues to struggle with his lack of sleep. Travis (Jay Hayden) is single again after breaking up with Grant (Sterling Sulieman) during the windstorm and in the episodes final moments, Andy and Ryan hook up during the party to celebrate her award, and Sullivan arrives revealing his lingering injury from the experience.

In the episodes final act, Dean (Okieriete Onaodowan) and Ben are having a chat when Ben reveals that he and Miranda are back together. He also tells Dean that he intends to make sure he doesn't cause his wife any more stress, and says he's considering quitting the firehouse.

Grey's Anatomy fans will remember Ben and Miranda getting back together during "Girl in a Coma" after Ben finally begins to build Miranda the treehouse he had promised to build her after her heart attack. The sweet moment led to their long-awaited reconciliation, after Miranda had called a timeout on their marriage so she could get ahold of her anxiety.

While it is highly unlikely Ben will actually leave Station 19, this would not be the first time the character has made a rash career decision. First an anesthesiologist, Ben and Miranda were forced to spend much of the beginning of their marriage apart because he was a surgical intern in Los Angeles.

After spending a few years as a resident at Grey Sloan Memorial, Ben felt the urge to do more and became a firefighter, leading him to move to Station 19.


Will Ben give his new job up for his relationship? How will Miranda take the news? Station 19 airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.