'Sopranos' Alum Drea De Matteo Has 'Semi' Reunion With Co-Star Robert Iler, and Fans Can't Stop Commenting

Former The Sopranos and Sons of Anarchy actress Drea De Matteo had a 'semi' reunion with her [...]

Former The Sopranos and Sons of Anarchy actress Drea De Matteo had a "semi" reunion with her former Sopranos co-star Robert Iler in September. Although the post is almost two months old, fans are still commenting on the image. De Matteo starred on the acclaimed HBO series as Adriana La Cerva, while Iler played A.J. Soprano.

"Semi Sopranos reunion [with] baby boy Iler n [assistant director Ginger Gonzalez] at [Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles]... Be on the [look] out for his new podcast! Sure to be FILTHY," De Matteo wrote on Sept. 28.

The podcast De Matteo is referring to is Pajama Pants, which he hosts with Kassem G. and his former Sopranos co-star Jamie-Lynn Sigler. De Matteo appeared on the podcast on Oct. 7 to mark The Sopranos' 20th anniversary.

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While an older reunion captured and shared for the 'gram, fans are still commenting on the post, with many leaving messages about De Matteo's performance on The Sopranos. It's also full of spoilers for people who have never finished watching the series.

"I just started watching the sopranos and they killed your character off and I cannot get over it... you made that show!" one fan wrote.

"I'm only on S5E2 of Sopranos. I just read in an article that you got clipped by Sil! THIS IS HOW I GOTTA FIND OUT???" one fan wrote.

"Wow, that's awesome! Thanks so much for sharing this," another chimed in.

"Robert looks so good. I miss The Sopranos," another wrote.

While most of his Sopranos co-stars continue working in the business, Iler no longer acts full-time. Back in 2013, he revealed he told his manager to stop sending him offers and he started playing poker.

"I told my manager to stop sending me scripts," he told Poker Listings in 2013, reports Cheat Sheet. "I wanted to take a year off. Then one year became two years, two years became three, and now six years have passed."

Iler added at the time, "I never say I'm a professional poker player... But that's definitely all I do. I'd love to just play poker for the rest of my life."

After The Sopranos wrapped in 2007, Iler appeared in a 2009 episode of Law & Order. He left acting behind, but agreed to appear in an indie movie called 4 Kings. A trailer for the film was posted on YouTube in 2017, but it was never released.

As for De Matteo, she went on to play Wendy Case on FX's Sons of Anarchy. She also starred on Shades of Blue opposite Jennifer Lopez and currently plays Barbara Nelson on ABC's A Million Little Things, which airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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