Kurt Sutter Teases 'Sons of Anarchy' Prequel

Ahead of the Mayans M.C. premiere, creator Kurt Sutter has teased that a Sons of Anarchy prequel may be in the cards.

While speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Sutter revealed that "as Sons of Anarchy was wrapping, [the FX network] were trying to find ways to keep it going. We had talked about the idea of a prequel, which I still want to do."

"It would be a one-off called First Nine. It'll begin in Vietnam with John [Teller, Jax's father] and Piney [played in Sons of Anarchy by William Lucking]," he went on to say. "There will be one episode for each guy who joins the first nine. That's what I want to do."

Sutter did not give any indication when the First Nine might become a reality, but it would very likely not be until Mayans ends, which could, potentially, be years from now.

Moving on to the new series, Sutter confessed that when they started exploring a continuation of the SoA saga, "the Mayans made the most sense."

"We started talking about it more seriously, but FX CEO John Landgraf and I both knew that we didn't want to do it right on the heels of Sons of Anarchy," Sutter added. "We wanted to let it breathe for a couple of years."

"As I finished doing post [production] on the last season of [Sons of Anarchy], I began the writers room for The Bastard Executioner. That only lasted a season," he continued. "When I came back and my deal was still in play, that's when we started pursuing it more seriously."

He also shared how the idea for a Mayans series first came to him, saying that it was more birthed from necessity since "FX Distribution was trying to work out a deal with some Spanish language affiliate or network" and asked him if he "had any content or ideas that might live in the Spanish language world."

"The only thing that came to mind was how we had this outlaw club, the Mayans, which is steeped in the Latino culture," Sutter explained. "It never came to fruition or at least not to the point where they would pursue those ideas."

Eventually, the show did come to be, and Sutter says that when it came to be he knew he "wanted it to be on the border."


"I knew I wanted a prospect to be our protagonist who was not of the life, he added. "There was no Jax Teller, there was no lineage. He would be an outsider."

Fans can catch all the action of Mayans M.C. when its 10-episode first season premieres on Tuesday, Sept. 4 at 10 p.m. ET on FX.