'Sons of Anarchy' Creator Kurt Sutter Reveals What Happened to Club's Iconic Table

Over the past few weeks, Kurt Sutter has been actively addressing questions about his former TV series, Sons of Anarchy. While he's been quarantining with his family, Sutter has actively taken part in a number of Q&A sessions with fans and clarifying years-old questions about the FX biker drama. On Wednesday, he even addressed what became of the show's most iconic prop: the club's table.

"I believe it's in storage," Sutter wrote in an Instagram story. "There was talk about it going to the Smithsonian. But honestly... I'm not sure." He even jokingly asked, "Do you have it?"

The wooden prop featured an elaborate carving of the Sons of Anarchy club logo and served as the meeting place for all their nefarious decision-making across the show's seven-season run. While the members around it changed quite a bit, thanks to power grabs, betrayals and outright murder, the table remained the same.

Among the myriad of questions Sutter has tackled, he also recently addressed the issue of Maureen Ashby (Paula Malcolmson). The character only appeared in Season 3, and had previously had an affair to club founder John Teller, the father of Jax (Charlie Hunnam). While she'd passed along some letters to Jax that supposedly revealed the truth about his late father, it was never really touched on again.

"There were so many story reveals and mythology tethers in that season," Sutter explained. "It was impossible to give screen time to every cause and effect. We tried to focus in the ones we knew would play out in future seasons."

Sutter has also addressed other plot points that have been bothering fans since the show concluded back in 2014, including the meaning of the mysterious homeless woman and whether or not characters like Jax still had to prospect, given his father (and future step-father) were already ranking members. He also provided a brief update on his new project, though it's currently not in active development given to widespread shutdowns across the entertainment industry.

"I've finished a pilot for a new series," Sutter wrote back in March. "It's in limbo now because of the obvious shift in priorities. I can't really divulge much." While he was light on the details, he did add that "It's an anthology and it's driven by music."


It's unclear when Sutter's new project will actually be getting off the ground. In the meantime, all seven seasons of Sons of Anarchy are available to stream on Hulu.