'Sons of Anarchy': Is Kurt Sutter Hinting at a Reunion With Charlie Hunnam?

Kurt Sutter has been spending a lot of time on Instagram lately. The creator behind the FX biker crime drama Sons of Anarchy, and co-creator of its spinoff series, Mayans M.C., has been posting several behind-the-scenes shots across the show's seven-season run. As noted by Cheat Sheet, the fact that series star Charlie Hunnam appears in a number of photos fueled the idea that Sutter is hinting that the two may be working on something together. The most recent post featured a casual moment between Hunnam and co-star Mark Boone Junior.

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"Not sure what episode. Maybe you can remember. Probably S4-6. Let me know...," Sutter wrote in the caption, along with hashtags for both 'Sons of Anarchy' and 'unemployed.' Some sharp-eyed fans noted the fact that Hunnam's character, Jax Teller, was sporting the 'President' patch on his vest, and deduced that the snap came from the filming of the second episode in the shows seventh and final season.

Sutter was fired from Mayans MC back in October, which was one of the first high-profile firings made by Disney after they acquired Fox earlier this year -- which includes the rights to SoA and all related programming. Coincidentally, this is right around the time his nostalgia-posting started becoming more frequent.

Mayans MC first premiered in 2018, four years after SoA went off the air, and its reception proved that there was still an audience for Sutter's unique world. The show was just renewed for a third, Sutter-less season, marking a passing of the torch to the show's co-creator, Elgin James. The outspoken showrunner had also been planning a second spinoff series, First 9, which would've been a prequel that chronicled the club's founding members, including Teller's late father, John. Unfortunately, that series was shelved indefinitely after his firing.


Though he's not under Disney's increasingly large umbrella, Sutter is has been teasing an upcoming project. While details were scarce, he did make it clear that whatever he was working on, it was going to "involve Harleys." It obviously won't be set in the larger SoA universe, and given that Hunnam's character was killed in the final episode, it could mean that the two may be working together again.

However, that's purely speculative at this point, as nothing official has been announced as of yet.