'SOA' Creator Kurt Sutter's Firing: Will It Affect 'Mayans M.C.'?

Mayans M.C. is now in the middle of its second season, and the show's future remains unknown. The firing of Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter might have put another question mark on the show, but Sutter already planned on handing total control to Mayans M.C. co-creator Elgin James. Sutter reiterated this in the letter he sent to Mayans M.C. cast and crew, in which he also referred to himself as an "abrasive d–."

Sources told The Hollywood Reporter Thursday that Sutter was fired after FX CEO John Landgraf and Disney TV Studios and ABC Entertainment chairman Dana Walden received "multiple complaints" about Sutter's behavior on Mayans M.C. According to the outlet, the decision to fire him was made Wednesday and Sutter sent his memo Thursday.

In his letter, Sutter said he had already "removed myself quite a bit this season, allowing others to take a bigger role in producing the show." Sutter said this philosophy "backfired."

"It's been reported by writers, producers, cast and crew that my absence and subsequent behavior when there, has only created confusion, chaos, hostility and is perceived as abandonment," Sutter wrote. "Or at least that's how Disney has interpreted it. I'm sure it's true."

Sutter said he was fired Thursday "for all the complaints levied against me," adding, "Not the way I wanted to end my 18-year relationship with FX. At least being fired for being an abrasive d– is on brand."

Sutter went on to apologize if he "made people feel less than or unsupported," and said his intention was the opposite.

"My arrogance and chronic distraction has created wreckage. Just know, I adore this cast and crew," Sutter wrote. "I'm not sure what the fate of Mayans M.C. holds. But if it continues, you'll still be in good hands. As I said at the premier, Elgin is ready to take on the challenge of running the show. I'm sure FX will get him the support he needs to find and follow his vision."

The comments Sutter is referring to came at the Mayans M.C. Season 2 premiere at the Arclight Hollywood Cinerama Dome in August. At the time, Sutter said his job on the early parts of Mayans M.C. was to make sure the SOA narrative legacy continued into Mayans. He said the narrative plots left behind in Charming, the fictional city where SOA was set, will be over by the end of Mayans M.C. Season 2, so James should take over at this point.

"It's time for the white guy to leave the building," Sutter said. "If we are lucky enough to have a season 3, I will be stepping back as day to day showrunner and handing the reins to my talented and passionate partner, Elgin James."

At the end of his speech that night, Sutter said he would still be involved in a "producorial capacity," but that is clearly no longer the case as of now.

"I'm really clear that for this show to establish its own unique mythology, one that I believe can be more potent and relevant than Sons, it has to be guided by a fresh voice," Sutter said in August. "A voice of color, a voice that is still haunted by the struggle. And that voice belongs to Elgin James."

At the end of his letter, Sutter wrote, "I don't need, nor want, replies or condolences. I know where the love is. And for those of you who have it, I'm sure our paths will cross again."

Sutter's relationship with FX dates back to 2002, when he was a writer on The Shield. Aside from SOA and Mayans M.C., he also created The Bastard Executioner, which aired for a season in 2015.


Mayans M.C. airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET.

Photo credit: FX