'SNL' Welcomes Back Dead 'Game of Thrones' Characters in Hilarious Parody Sketch

Saturday Night Live enlisted host Jason Momoa for a hilarious parody of HBO's Game of Thrones.As [...]

Saturday Night Live enlisted host Jason Momoa for a hilarious parody of HBO's Game of Thrones.

As fans wait for the final season of the fantasy drama to premiere in April 2019, the long-running variety sketch series poked fun at the series with Momoa's help, who played the memorable season 1 role of Khal Drogo on the series.

Momoa reprised his role as Khal Drogo in a hilarious sketch where the former Dothraki leader welcomed viewers into his "Ghost Dojo."

Kenan Thompson joined Momoa's Drogo as he interviewed him in a segment where deceased characters from the show come back for a chat, though Drogo did not seem too pleased.

"Khal is not the biggest talker, but he's cool when you get to know him," Thompson's character said. "You have any fun plans for the weekend?"

"I will kill the men in the iron suits and tear down their stone house!" he said in Dothraki.

"Cool, cool, cool... very cool, very chill," Thompson said, then telling Drogo to close his legs and stop "man spreading."

Drogo's response is to stab him, before they welcome the first guest. Beloved character Hodor. Pete Davidson later arrived as the High Sparrow. Brienne of Tarth later showed up, despite her not being dead on the show.

She said she was looking for the Stark children, but is distracted when Drogo says a joke about her being a man. He apologizes, however, saying he must learn or he'll never get to judge the Oscars.

The final guest on the show is King Joffrey (Kate McKinnon), who says he "feeds off the haters." He is later confronted by Olenna Tyrell, the woman who poisoned him and the two have a catfight while Drogo eats.

Momoa played the role of the Dothraki leader in season 1. The character was at times controversial when he took Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) as his bride against her will, though he fell in love with her. The character died a tragic death at the end of the season.

Momoa revealed in a recent interview that a return from his character for the final season of the series would be "impossible."

"It's impossible. He can't. No, I'm sorry," Momoa said on Entertainment Weekly's Sirius XM show.

Despite theories that the character might return based on a previous prophecy foretold early in the series, Momoa assured during the discussion that Khal Drogo was dead.

"Ah, guys, I don't know," he said in the interview. "HE'S DEAD. I think I'm the only character in history to be dead for nine years and everyone still be like wanting. I love you, but he's dead."

At least Saturday Night Live gave us the Khal Drogo reunion we wanted. Back in 2017, Momoa told ExtraTV that hosting Saturday Night Live was a longtime career dream.

"It is the most important...I don't want an Oscar," he said, "I don't want an award for anything. I'll give all my action figures back. All I ever want, all I've ever wanted to do my whole life, like the only thing me and my wife love, since I was a kid I love SNL, and it is my goal, I'm going to get on that s— next year for Aquaman. I love, I love SNL, so that's definitely my dream come true."

Saturday Night Live airs weekly at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC. Game of Thrones will return for its final season in April on HBO.

Photo Credit: NBC / Will Heath