'SNL': 'Weekend Update' Rips Apart President Donald Trump for Latest Scandals

Saturday Night Live just aired its final episode of 2018, and Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che closed out the year with a barrage of Trump-centered material.

The duo attacked President Donald Trump's last week of scandals and legal woes, which stemmed from a variety of aspects of his presidency.

"This last week was a pretty bad year for Donald Trump," Jost said. "Think about what's currently under investigation for him: Trump's campaign, his transition, his inauguration, his business and his presidency. So everyone, check your cards because you might have impeachment bingo."

He added, "In fact, Trump has reportedly told people close to him that he's worried he'll get impeached. And by people close to him, I, of course, mean Sean Hannity and Colonel Sanders."

They then attacked Trump for his ties to attorney Michael Cohen. Cohen, who was employed by Trump for 12 years, was just convicted of campaign finance violations and lying to Congress, among other charges.

"This is a lot of legal trouble for any president. I mean, I'm no lawyer, but neither is Trump's lawyer," Jost said. "But Cohen was clearly a criminal before he met Donald Trump. You know how I know? He was hired by Donald Trump. The only questions on a Trump job application are 'Do you do crimes?' and 'Wanna do more?'"

Che was also amazed that Trump's sole defense was that Cohen should have known the laws and not committed the crimes.


"Fair, but do you also know who else is supposed to know the law? The frigging President of the United States," Che said. I can't get past that. I mean, the Pope should know the Bible. Santa should know the meaning of Christmas. The President should know the law. Dude, we are paying you money for this. Am I bugging? Am I crazy?"

"I mean, he's the President. He's gotta know the law. Doctors know medicine. Arby's knows meat. If I told you I'm an astronaut, and you asked me about the moon and I say 'The moon?'" he added.