'SNL' Parodies 'Undercover Boss' With Hilarious Colon Exam Sketch

Saturday Night Live took an unlikely swipe at Undercover Boss this week in a skit starring host Kit Harington.

A simple sight gag turned into a parody of Undercover Boss on this week's new SNL, where Harington played a patient at a colorectal clinic. Harington was pretty nervous about his exam, but he took it in stride, joking with the nurse (Cecily Strong) and even asking her out. However, everything changed when Dr. Yvonne De Marsha (Leslie Jones) walked in.

The doctor was all smiles, but her long glittering fingernails gave Harington pauses. Her pointed nails jutted out at least a couple of inches from each finger, and they were decorated in real glued-on stones.

Things only got worse when Harington asked if she would "pop them off before the exam." Dr. De Marsha exclaimed that her nails were real, and that the diamonds affixed to them were too. As they argued, the doctor even used her nail to puncture a soda can for easy access.

"Like we always say around the office, a great driver can drive a bus through Shanghai without knocking over a single Chinese lantern," Strong said.

The more the doctor and nurse insisted, the more reluctant Harington seemed to get, until finally they were forced to try to pin him down by force. Another nurse, played by Pete Davidson, charged in to help, and finally Harington put all of his cards on the table.

"I have to tell you something!" He said. "I am your boss! I am the chief executive officer of this clinic's chain. You're on Undercover Boss."

The scene changed to an apparently hand-held camera perspective, much like on reality TV. In spite of the invasive procedure he had narrowly avoided, Harington sang the doctor's praises as emotional music swelled.

"I just wanted to commend you on all your exemplary work," he said. "My only note is for this exam, you don't need to push the patient's legs over their head, okay? Now, how about we do that exam?"

Harington fell back onto the exam table with a flourish, raising his legs over his head.

The skit was one of many hits from Harington's first night on the SNL stage. The Game of Thrones star took naturally to the sketch comedy medium, and fans were pleased with his performance.


Saturday Night Live airs every weekend at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.

Photo credit: Will Heath/NBC