'SNL': Kit Harington Gets 'Naughty' in Racy, Sidesplitting Burlesque Sketch

It was the first time hosting for Game of Thrones star, Kit Harington and the charming British actor delivered in a slew of sketches during last night's Saturday Night Live.

Featuring a fair bit of jokes based off his HBO fantasy series along with a mini reunion with his co-stars, there were other sketches that also brought out a slew of laughs from audiences at home — including Harington performing a burlesque number in a bachelorette skit starring Cecily Strong, Aidy Bryant, Melissa Villasenor, Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon and Ego Nwodim.

With a woman (Strong) expecting a stripper as a gift from her friends during her bachelorette party, she is taken aback when she discovers her fiancé (Harington) crashes the festivities, offering himself up as the entertainment — but is wearing a burlesque outfit.

Enter the weird and wacky world of SNL, with Harington showing off his chops in full comedic mode, wearing a corset with long gloves, high heels ("for posture"), and nipple tassels.

"I'm so naughty," Harington says, as he raises his leg on a coffee table. "See my leg? It's covered in hair."

"Oh yeah, thighs are good. Mama like," Villasenor's character chimes in as the other women show expressions of distaste.

As he continues his antics, they notice a woman (McKinnon) in the corner of the room, chain-smoking and evaluating his performance. "I am Mary, I teach your husband the art of seducing," McKinnon says when asked who she is. "Men are not meant for the tease, but thankfully your husband is no man."

"Oh, okay…I'm sorry, you're his dance teacher?" Strong asks, surprised.

"Teacher, prostitute, ghost… in France, quel est la difference," she says as Harington continues dancing and seducing the small crowd of bachelorette party guests as he fans himself with a giant novelty fan.

"Naughty girl, looky, looky and you might see my cookie, cookie," he says enthusiastically, who later reveals he's got another fan behind his fan — just a tinier one. While he dances atop the table, he tells his instructor he has "popped" his tuck, to which she helps him through a possible wardrobe malfunction.

With the women getting frustrated that Harington, whose stage name in the sketch is also Eva Braun, ("isn't that the name of Hitler's wife?" asks Nwodim), he finally unbuttons the tight corset to reveal his six-pack, along with tassels on his nipples and a polka-dot pair of boxer briefs.

"This is for my wife," he declares as he busts out of the seams.

"Ryan, my goodness," Strong's character says as she approaches him. "That was one of the most bizarre things I've ever seen, but you worked so hard on this and did it for me and I cannot wait to marry you."

"Thank you, babe, I love you," Harington responds.

"Yeah, great job," Villasenor says. "I'm going to be thinking about that body for a long time."

"Well, thanks sis," he responds hitting a solid punchline and bringing out an uproar of laughter among the crowd, to which a surprised Jones shouts, "That's his sister?!"


Some other sketches of the night included Harington getting a prostate exam in an Undercover Boss parody, him doing his best Michael Jackson impersonation while singing Frank Sinatra songs and a slew of spin-off parodies based off Game of Thrones.

Saturday Night Live airs every weekend at 11:30 p.m. ET.