'Shoot the Messenger': Daisy Gets Closer to Finding Her Missing Source

As Khaalid Suleman's murder starts a gang war on Shoot The Messenger, reporter Daisy Channing believes the mystery is much bigger than the police imagine.

When viewers last saw Daisy (Elyse Levesque) she had been knocked unconscious by a mysterious figure as she inspected the apartment of her source, Hassan Ali.

At Hassan's apartment, Daisy finds herself alone surrounded by her credit cards and IDs, so the assailant knows exactly who she is. As she leaves, she runs into fellow reporter Simon Olendski (Lucas Bryant), who arrives after finding the address Daisy left at his desk.

Outside, Daisy realizes that the photo she had taken from the apartment showing Hassan, a basketball player and his girlfriend, is missing. Simon believes he saw a woman leaving the apartment when he arrived, so they're convinced that finding her will lead to Hassan.

As they discuss whether to go to the police or not, Detective Kevin Lutz (Lyric Bent) and his partner arrive.

Meanwhile, Hassan (Araya Mengesha) is badly injured after getting shot the night before. He asks his girlfriend if she got the drugs from his apartment but she says she couldn't look because a woman [Daisy] was passed out on the floor. The woman enlists the help of the Imam, who sends a doctor to heal Hassan's wounds without involving the police.

Elsewhere, Khaalif (Dalmar Abuzeid) and his gang friends mourn his brother Khaalid's death. Khaalif believes the rival gang was responsible and pledges to seek revenge.

Khaalif and his friends follow a member of the rival gang and shoot up his house in retaliation for Khaalid's death. The shooting results in the death of a little girl, and the beginning of an all-out gang war.

Kevin arrests Khaalif for the murder of the little girl but realizes he has no proof Khaalif was involved.

The next morning, Simon helps Daisy at her house, making sure whoever knocked her out didn't stop by. The visit ends unexpectedly as Daisy seduces Simon.

The two reporters then go to their boss Mary Fowler (Alex Kingston) suggesting that the story of Khaalid's death is bigger than a mere gang fight. Hassan had hinted at a major coverup before the shooting, as well as the fact that Daisy was attacked but not killed. Mary decides to let Daisy in on the story.

Daisy talks to a local teacher about what happened to the little girl. She asks about Hassan, and she advises her to talk to Khalid's sister, who knew him well.

Khalid's sister reveals she taught Hassan how to read, and that they fell in love and he asked her to marry him. But he changed when he started driving for Eric Lawson and found a new girlfriend, Avril Trong.

Daisy heads to Lawson's garage and one of the employees tells her he knows Avril and Hassan, saying that he'd regularly drive her to a nail salon in town.

At Avril's apartment, Hassan and his girlfriend fight about whether or not to contact Daisy. Hassan then texts Daisy and says that before he can tell her anything, he'll need $50,000.

At the same time, the police find the Mercedes Hassan used to escape the shooting. Daisy texts Kevin that she found Hassan and gives him the address to the nail salon. He heads there alone to meet her.


The episode ends with Daisy arriving at the nail salon near where Avril lives, with the man whose following her right on her tail.

Shoot The Messenger airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on WGN America.