'Shoot The Messenger': A Race for Hassan's Leaked Information Ends in Death

The mystery is ramping up on WGN America's late night drama Shoot The Messenger.

Hassan (Araya Mengesha) grows restless waiting for Daisy to agree to his cash payment for the video proving shooting victim Khaalid Suleman's relationship with Attorney General Sam Charles (Ari Cohen), leading him to meet with a new buyer. They agree to a two-day window for him to get the video first, and he warns Daisy (Elyse Levesque) that time is running out.

Daisy and Kevin (Lyric Bent) return to the rehab facility to find Khaalid's boyfriend, Harry Beauchamp. Although he's resistant at first, the man admits he and Khaalid were together but Hassan ruined everything after he took Khaalid to businessman Eric Lawson's (Al Sapienza) sex party, where he met Sam.

Harry also admits he bought a gun the night of Khaalid's death to kill himself after Khaalid ended their relationship, and he swears he had nothing to do with Khaalid's death. After the reveal, Kevin and Daisy rekindle their relationship with a kiss before headed back to work.

Hot on Hassan's trail, Sam's chief of staff Phil Hardcastle (Maurice Dean Wint) finds the runaway's broken old phone in a trashcan, and takes it to a repair shop to find a trace of his new phone.

Back at the offices of The Gazette, Daisy lets Mary (Alex Kingston) and Simon (Lucas Bryant) in on Harry's confirmation of Sam and Khaalid's relationship, but both of them agree that without Harry's words on the record, the confirmation is just hearsay.

Simon interviews a cop, who hesitates to talk to him at first given his history of revealing sources. Simon ties a powerful mob family to Eric Lawson's project to build a super jail in the city, and with Sam Charles delaying the project, makes a connection as to how they would want to blackmail the attorney general with Hassan's video.

At Sam's office, Daisy's sister Chloe (Hannah Anderson) and the attorney general talk about work until he starts to kiss her. He suggests the couple takes the next step in their personal relationship. Meanwhile, Daisy stops by Kevin's apartment and the reunited couple sleeps together, as police officers begin to install wire taps on Eric Lawson's cars and offices.

The next morning, Mary agrees to pay Hassan's cash demand for the video, but urges Daisy and Simon that there can't be holes in the story beyond this point. Daisy lets her colleagues know that her sister secured an interview with Sam Charles for the next day, and Mary urges Simon to go with her.

Simon continues working, however, as he interrupts Eric Lawson's dinner at a restaurant and asks him about his ties to the mob. Lawson denies his involvement but threatens Simon, telling him that if he was tied up with the mob, he should be scared to be asking those questions.

Kevin and his partner find out that Khaalid's sister Xannan (Shadia Ali) is still in contact with Hassan and planning to run away with him after he gets the money. They convince Xannan to lead them to Hassan, so they can keep him safe from the person trying to cover up the video.

Daisy calls Hassan and arranges a meeting for after her interview with Sam, so she can get the video from him. Hassan also gets a call from the other reporter confirming another meeting the same night, as he lays low by the beach.

The drama leaves fans with several heart-pounding twists as Simon agrees to let Daisy interview Sam alone while he looks through documents in his office. Kevin, his partner and Xannan arrive at the beach to wait for Hassan, but he is standing a by a cliff when he is confronted by gunman, whose face viewers can't see. Startled, Hassan falls off the cliff, most likely to his death.


Daisy and Sam Charles sit down and she hesitates at first, but then she blindsides Sam, Chloe and viewers as she asks Sam about his relationship with Khaalid, before the episode ends.

Shoot The Messenger airs Fridays at 12 a.m. ET on WGN America.