'Saturdays': Danielle Jalade, Daria Johns and Peyton Basnight on Why Disney Series Is a 'Must-Watch' (Exclusive)

Saturdays is a new Disney Channel series premiering on Friday, March, 24. The series focuses on three girls, Paris (Danielle Jalade), Simone (Daria Johns) and Ari (Peyton Basnight) who are looking to be the top skaters in Chicago. PopCulture.com spoke exclusively to Jalade, Johnson and Basnight, who explained why Saturdays is a "must-watch" show. 

"What makes this show a must-watch? I think definitely the representation that we have, all the different characters and their funny personalities," Jalade exclusively told PopCulture. "I feel like everyone's going to find themselves in a specific character, in one character, and it's very funny. I think this show is hilarious, and just the skate culture, there's something so different and so special about Saturdays that I'm very excited for everyone to see. I mean, just the different cultures and the different, of course, our amazing actors bringing it all together and the chemistry that we all have is so amazing, and I can't wait for March 24 for everyone to watch it." 

Paris, Simone and Ari are members of the skating crew called We-B-Girlz, and viewers will see all their antics taking place at the skating rink called Saturdays. And to make things more interesting, all the events in the episodes happen on Saturday. But roller skating is not the only reason Jalade, Johns and Basnight wanted to be part of the series. 

"It shows representation in our voices and our story," Johns said. "I'm from Chicago, the show is based in Chicago, so it's like Simone can actually be me. I skated before the show, and the show is really close to my heart because this is home for me. It's showing where I'm from. It's showing girls just like me growing up, and it's showing a friendship and love and basically a family of girls who are going to be shown to the world and can inspire so many. So I just think that's amazing." 

For Basnight, she enjoys playing Ari because both have similar qualities. "I feel like there is a side of me that is so bubbly and so energetic and so positive, and I love being able to play her all the time," she said. "I love being able to really dive deep into that mindset and my own personal life. So playing that side of Ari and just being happy and being in my own world and having a sense of confidence and having the sense that no matter what anybody thinks, I'm going to do what I want to do and what makes me happy. I really love that, and I think that that's a mindset that most people should have and that I should have more. I should have the confidence in myself that Ari has."

Saturdays will premier on the Disney Channel at 9 p.m. ET/PT and will start streaming on Disney+ the next day.