'Saturday Night Live' Mocks Omarosa's White House Firing

Former White House Aide Omarosa Manigault-Newman was featured in not one, but two sketches on the season finale of Saturday Night Live this week. The reality star turned presidential staff member left the White House in a dramatic fashion on Wednesday, and SNL didn't fail to notice.

Manigault has been with President Trump since Season 1 on The Apprentice. She had a particularly controversial role throughout the Trump campaign and in his administration, as she was generally the only woman of color in his orbit.

Conflicting reports surfaced about her departure from the White House this week. Some claimed she had been escorted out of the building after her security pass was deactivated. Manigault herself says that she resigned of her own free will in order to pursue other opportunities.

Either way the motive for her dismissal is the same. Reports from inside the administration say Manigault was frustrated as the only woman of color working for President Trump. That was the basis of her feature in Weekend Update this week, where Michael Che played a montage of black women on various news outlets expressing their lack of surprise at Manigault's claim.

Manigault was known as a confrontational figure even before she made it into politics. In 2013, she was included on TV Guide's list of The 60 Nastiest TV Villains of All Time for her role in The Apprentice and several spin-offs.


SNL made good use of her public reputation this week. In the cold open, as the parody Trump family hung ornaments on their Christmas tree of all the people they'd banished from the White House, Omarosa was the only one pounding on the window, fighting to get back in.