'Saturday Night Live' Fans Roar With Laughter Over Nike Leggings Parody

Saturday Night Live gave fans another classic commercial parody, this time satirizing how women wear leggings for more than just going to the gym.

The commercial was filled with hilarious one-liners about how incredibly comfortable leggings are. At first, we saw Heidi Gardner and Melissa Villasenor using leggings for their intended purpose as they run and box.

But then Aidy Brynat tells the audience, "And I just sit the hell down and chill in these soft pants." Kate McKinnon also appears as another fan of chilling in the pants.

"Let's get real," McKinnon says. "Leggings can be used pans, pajamas and a napkin."

"Because I just can't put my naked butt on the couch," Bryant says.

Perhaps we can get Nike to sell real "Pro-Chiller leggings," because it looks like most women related to the commercial.

So many viewers wanted to know where they could get the leggings.

For one fan, the joke was exactly what she needed after a hard day.

It was "too real" for this viewer.

The sketch aired during the episode hosted by Black Panther's Chadwick Boseman.


Photo credit: NBC