'Saturday Night Live' Unearths 'Jurassic Park' Screen Tests

Saturday Night Live's first digital short for this weekend's episode featured never-before-seen screen tests for Steven Spielberg's classic Jurassic Park. The cast played the '90s versions of celebrities, with host Bill Hader playing Alan Alda, Clint Eastwood and Al Pacino during the skit.

The sketch kicked off with Alex Moffat as Hugh Grant, then Hader as Alda. Next, Chris Redd played Wesley Snipes and Mickey Day was Pee-Wee Herman. Kate McKinnon played '90s Ellen DeGeneres.

Aidy Bryant played Roseanne Barr, Pete Davidson played a young Adam Sandler. Leslie Jones stole the show as Whoopi Goldberg. Heidi Gardner played Drew Barrymore, while Kyle Mooney was Joey Lawrence.

Melissa Villasenor played "I'm Just A Girl" era Gwen Stefani, and Kenan Thompson played Sinbad. McKinnon appeared again, this time as Friends-era Lisa Kudrow and Redd played Jaleel White as Steve Urkel.

Luke Null played Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder, who sang a song about Velociraptors. McKinnon also played Jodie Foster as she appeared in The Silence of the Lambs.

Thompson also showed up as 1992 O.J. Simpson. Hader's Eastwood impression ended the sketch.

Fans at home loved the sketch.

The screen test format has become a favorite for the SNL writers and cast. They have also done Back to the Future, Star Wars, Fifty Shades of Grey, Lion King, 12 Years A Slave and Top Gun screen tests.


The Jurassic Park franchise will continue this summer thanks to Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. The movie hits theaters on June 22.

Photo credit: NBC