SAG Awards 2020: Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt Holding Hands Backstage Had Fans Buzzing With Questions

The 2020 awards season has given us many storylines to follow but most fans are solely focused on one thing on its own, and the SAG Awards delivered a payoff for those people.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were both winners at the show and celebrated backstage, beginning with Pitt watching Aniston win on a screen behind-the-scenes and ending with both coming face-to-face and celebrating together.

As soon as the moment happened, social media started to burst into action trying to determine if the former couple were getting back together, was Aniston wearing a wedding ring or is it possible that both are just really good friends these days.

"Ain't nothing wrong with going for another ride," one fan wrote.

"I'm unexpectedly emotional about it," another fan added in.

"This all is really opening up some old wounds," a third wrote, referencing ancient history.

"Thank God I don't have to go to work tomorrow because I will never stop talking about this," another fan noted, highlighting the MLK holiday on Monday.

Not everybody had the same feelings, especially over their handhold.

"This is ridiculous. He cheated on her!" one contrarian wrote.

"People ... exes can be lovely & genuinely like each other," another wanted to point out with some rationality.

"[Jennifer] Aniston better not go back to [Brad] Pitt after he try drag on her with that pretty a— b— Angelina," a third wrote pointing out the couple's emotional past.

"He was so horrible to her. And he was 41 years old at the time, not a kid. She's moved on and forgiven him but we don't need to romanticize it," a final added.

But for most, they just enjoyed the moment for what it was and experienced some intense joy in the process.

"I mean I don't know if anyone actually finished the SAG Awards. Once Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston we're hugging backstage, I think we all moved on," one fan wrote.

"They are friends. And that's a good thing. (Still visually stunning together, though..)" another added.

"He's a jerk for what he did to her but glad they are both in a good place now and she seems to be at peace all these years later," a third noted.


Aniston actually addressed the buzz that has surrounded her and Pitt this awards season, speaking exclusively with Entertainment Tonight.

"It's hysterical," Aniston told the outlet before the SAG Awards. "But what else are they going to talk about?"