Ryan Murphy Hints That 'American Horror Story: 1984' Episode 8 Will Feature 'Big' Clue About Season 10

American Horror Story: 1984 may be nearing its finale, but series creator Ryan Murphy just teased that the ninth season is about to drop some major hints about what's to come in the already-renewed American Horror Story Season 10. Speaking with TV Guide at the FX anthology series' 100th episode celebration over the weekend, Murphy revealed that Season 9 hasn't yet contained any clues for Season 10, though that will change in the eighth episode.

"But keep watching," Murphy told the outlet. "There will probably be a big one in Episode 8."

Episode 8, titled "Rest In Pieces," is set to air on FX on Wednesday, Nov. 6, airing as the penultimate episode of the shortened nine-episode season.

"A deadly trio emerges, hell-bent on unleashing a new era at Camp Redwood. Our former counselors desperately try to keep history from repeating itself," a synopsis for the episode on IMDb reads.

At this time, it is unclear what the clue Murphy is referring to could be. Fans had speculated prior to Murphy's statements that Season 10 would focus on the Winchester Mystery House, a real-life home in San Jose, California that was once the personal residence of Sarah Winchester, the widow of firearm magnate William Wirt Winchester. Sarah was told by a medium that she must move west and continuously build a home for herself and the spirits of people who had fallen victim to Winchester rifles, according to reports, Sarah began the continuous construction of the home, which boasts a maze of stairwells, 17 chimneys, 10,000 panes of glass, and many other oddities.

The home had been mentioned by Margaret (Leslie Grossman) in Episode 6, alongside the mention of Season 2's Briarcliff Manor.

Some also believe that the 10th season could take viewers into Hell, as a popular theory has connected each season to one of Dante's nine circles of hell.

Fans have also speculated that Season 10 could see the return of the Season 3's Coven witches, as Murphy has stated his desire to bring them back for a future season. They briefly returned in Season 8's Apocalypse.

If the Coven witches do not return in Season 10, Murphy seems to have hope that they could return in future seasons, as he sees American Horror Story continuing for several more years.

"The tenth is the last season that's ordered but John [Gray] and I said around season five, this is something that is so beloved that maybe it could keep on going," he told Variety. "And now in its ninth season, in terms of worldwide… it's one of the most popular shows in the world, so I will continue to have an appetite to do it as long as John wants to do it. So, we have been talking about should we end it? Or should we keep moving forward? But I hope we can move forward."


New episodes of American Horror Story: 1984 air Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on FX. Season 9 is set to conclude with its season finale on Wednesday, Nov. 13.