'Roseanne' Fans Wonder What Happened to Jackie's Son

The Roseanne reboot has answered many questions about how the Conner family's lives changed in the past twenty years, but there is one thing fans are desperate to know more about.

In the reboot, Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) is a retired police officer living in an apartment by herself, until she agrees to let her mother Beverly (Estelle Parsons) move in at the end of Tuesday night's new episode.

Fans, however, have been asking one question since the beginning of the revival. What happened to Jackie's son Andy?

During the revival's premiere episode, the series addressed the absence of one key character: Jerry Garcia Conner.

During the family's first dinner back together, Roseanne (Barr) says grace and briefly mentions her now-22-year-old son.

"Please watch over our son Jerry, who's on that stupid fishing boat where apparently they don't get phone calls ..." Roseanne said.

Fans of the sitcom's original run will remember Roseanne gave birth to her and Dan's (John Goodman) fourth child during the Halloween episode of season eight. The baby was played by Cole and Morgan Roberts, but don't expect to see them on the revival.

During a 2018 Television Critics Association panel, PopSugar reports, Barr announced Jerry would not appear in the revival's first season, as writers didn't have room to include everything they wanted in the nine-episode season.

"We haven't dealt with Andy, Laurie's son, yet, either, but we had so many stories to tell over the arc of these nine episodes that we were hoping for another season to bring more clarity to those characters," Barr said.

With Roseanne already renewed for a 13-episode second season, fans might get the answers they're looking for. They'll just have to wait some time.

The episode did reveal DJ's (Michael Fishman) future, introducing viewers to Roseanne's granddaughter Mary.

Before the reboot aired its first episode, executive producer Whitney Cummings revealed DJ married the African-American girl he once refused to kiss in the pivotal season seven episode, "White Men Can't Kiss," in which three members of the Conner family must look within their own issues with racism and bias.

The reboot has also seen the return of Estelle Parsons as Roseanne (Barr) and Jackie's mother, as well as Crystal (Natalie West) and Nancy (Sandra Bernard).


Roseanne airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.