'Roseanne': Both Beckys Awe Fans in Savage Final Moment

Roseanne brought together the two Beckys for a hilarious introduction scene.

After Becky (Lecy Goranson) announced to her family she would be a surrogate for a nice couple in order to get some money for a house, viewers got to see Becky and her new employer, of sorts, Andrea (Sarah Chalke) meet for the first time. It included a particularly hilarious insult.

As she works at a restaurant, Becky gets a visit from Andrea, the middle-class wife interested in having Becky be her surrogate. They make a hilarious nod to both actresses playing Becky Conner during the sitcom's original run.

"It is so great to finally meet you," Andrea says as she hugs Becky for the first time.

"And I can see why you picked me," Becky says, stunned at their similar looks. "Look at us, we could be the same person."

"Oh my God," Andrea says. "It's like looking in the mirror before I put my makeup on."

The dig leaves Becky speechless as Andrea takes a seat to continue their conversation. Andrea reveals she'll need to meet the rest of the Conner family in order to sign off on Becky being her surrogate.

Roseanne fans couldn't help but comment on the hilarious first meeting of the Beckyson social media.


Chalke joined the cast of Roseanne's original run during season six, taking over the role of Becky to allow for Goranson to go to college. The two shared the role several times separately and the show constantly poked fun at the casting decision.

Roseanne airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.